Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX Review Part 1 & 2

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The following review is for a device to tweak/mod any component that uses AC. The device is called a Pulse Gen ZX from Audio Magic. The device is designed to control self-generated EMI/RFI (noise) within a component and to also condition and stabilize current flow. The size of the device is similar to that of a deck of cards. It requires two solder connections to the incoming “hot” and “neutral” wires inside the component (either right after the IEC or captured power cord).

First, let me say that this is the easiest tweak/mod that I have ever done (requiring soldering). It’s very straight forward and the two connections will always go to the “hot” and “neutral” wires (polarity is not an issue with this device). Because of the simplicity, ease of this tweak/mod, and the possibility of cumulative gains (see below for PART 2 to verify this), I think it makes it a sensible option for many people to try, both experienced tweakers/modders and the DIY beginners. It took me less than 15min to install this device into my component.

The results that I will be sharing are based on the installation of this device into my CD/DVD player (source), as I wanted to evaluate the affects to both audio and video. I used the Eagles “Hell Freezes Over” DVD as my main source of evaluation material.

Audio: Voices, instruments and musical presentation improved. Voices became more natural and clear. Instruments sounded even better, again the naturalness and clarity was what stood out. Lastly, the air and spaciousness of the soundstage came across as more real (extending both wider and deeper). All of these things made the presentation sound more musical, natural, accurate, and closer to feeling like the real performance was occurring right there in front of me.

Video: Clarity, colors, and picture definition were noticeable improvements. Skin and flesh tones were more natural looking. Colors more true. Smoothness of images, definition, and details were all more true to life.

The ease and simplicity of this tweak/mod, along with the positive results I experienced with this device, makes the Pulse Gen ZX easy for me to recommend to others. I think it offers great value and makes for an easy way to improve the performance each individual component with the possibility of additional cumulative gains (as more are installed). My understanding is that the gains should be cumulative, with each component in the system that you install this device in.

The cost of the device is $200 (self-installation). Is it worth it? I whole-heartedly think so, because of the ease and simplicity of installation, the “DIY ease factor” for beginner tweakers/modders, and the possibility of cumulative gains.

NOTE*** I will be doing a PART 2 to this review, as I plan to install an Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX in my S.E.T. integrated tube amp. When I do, I will be able to evaluate and verify the possible benefits of cumulative gains.

I use the ZX boxes throughout my system and I got to say for a fact this is the biggest bang for the buck upgrade I have ever done!. I inserted one in my Lexicon DVD player and it was like
I bought a brand new tv, the colors more vivid, the blacks got blacker, the detail was unbelivable not to mention the sound.
These little boxes work in everything, infact if you install them and live with them awhile and then take them out the component you put them in sounds or looks [ video ] broken.
It's for real folks. By the way they retail for 400.00 but
are easily worth the price of admission, if they had one draw back... it's it is so addicting.

This is a review of the installation of another Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX device. Unfortunately, I was not able to put it in my 300B S.E.T. amp due to the lack of space and the fact that it doesn’t have a bottom plate. So the Pulse Gen ZX was installed into my Tube Technology tube preamp. Again, two soldering points makes it quick and simple.

I let it burn in for an hour and then started listening for any changes. Again, there’s an audible difference for the better. Immediately, I noticed improvement in the clarity of voices and instruments, improvement in the separation and placement of voices and instruments, and an improvement in the blackness/quietness of the background.

I’m going to leave this second part short and to the point. It’s another sonic improvement to the system and one that leaves me not questioning the value of the device and it’s ability to impart a sonic improvement that is easily and readily noticeable.

I would encourage those that are looking for a tweak/modification that can improve the performance of your component and the overall end result, the sonics of your system, to try one of the Pulse Gen ZX’s.

This Pulse Gen ZX will be a permanent fixture in my Tube Technology tube preamp.
I'm a beginner DIYer... tho have done lots of electrical work around the house... Does the Pulse Gen come with specific instructions of where the point of connection should take place within the hot and neutral wires leading to the IEC?
I have found the biggest difference on my system was the pulse gens for the speaker cables velcroed to the speaker cable right before it goes into the speaker .
Please keep in mind I have Bybee purifiers in the cdp and pre. every system and situation is different I guess.
Has anyone else tried these items lately?
I have the Audio Pulse Gen ZX in my modded Oppo 103, the Audio Pulse Gen ZX was actually one of the mods Ric included; I also now have a considerable number of WA Quantum Chips inside the Oppo and elsewhere in the system.
Ozzy, I am thinking about buying two of these to go inside my Cary monoblocks. Here is why--- A couple of weeks ago, I decided to move my components around a bit prior to buying a new IC. This involved moving my Coincident Statement Line stage away from its location right next to my Audio Magic Mini Ref, which contains a pulse gen module internally. I immediately noticed a significant deterioration of sound. I let this go on for a couple days, thinking it might be due to moving my cables and power cords around. After 2 days, I couldn't take it any more and moved the Coincident pre amp back to its location next to the Audio Magic. The sound returned to its normal (glorious) state. I also use the Pulse Gens for speakers. In fact, I bought mine used from AudioMan58 above. I'm not sure what is going on with this Pulse Gen stuff, but in my experience it is for real.
I have had the Audio Magic Oracle conditioner since I first put my system together. It has two of the Pulse Gen Modules built in. Everything is plugged into it, and as I am limited with space restraints, my 300B amplifiers are located right above it. I assume the Modules are contributing some to my fine sound. I know this doesn't help answering your question....
The Oracle is also plugged into the wall with two Clairvoyant Liquid Air PCs.
Clarification: "I.P.F Modules" are in the Oracle. My recent research leads me to believe these are the same as the Pulse Gen Modules.
Thanks for the recent comments. I now have the Speaker Clairifiers and ordered 4 of the modules to go inside my components.

Two Questions:

Where is the best place to install the unit?
I would think close to the transformer , but that may not be possible.

My Oppo 95 will require quite a bit of work to get to the IEC inside which I think I am capable. While I am in there I would also like to change the fuse to either HIFI Tuning or Synergistic. From the pictures I have been able to find of that area it looks like the fuse is soldered in. Strange.
So, I will install a fuse holder, but what the heck is the fuse value?
I have tried to reach Oppo but so far no response to that question.
Ozzy, try replacing the IEC inlet to an Oyaide if you want a more simple upgrade than installing a fuse holder. The inlet has a very similar effect to sound as changing the fuse (much in line with the Synergistic Fuse). Please let us know your results. I'm interested in modding my Oppo 95 as well!
So, I went ahead and put inside my Oppo 95 a Mundorf silver/gold cable combo lead that comes with a Furtech IEC inlet that plugs into where the standard IEC plugs in at the circuit board. I bought it as a package deal from Ebay and it came direct from Japan.
I then installed the Pulse Gen. What a pain, I had to cut a slit in one of the covers to get it in on a angle. Ric clued me in on this feat.
While I was inside,I also installed a fuse holder and placed a HIFI supreme fuse with a Quantum fuse chip.
The end result?
Even the video is much improved, and the surround sound information seems to have more information and detail. All in all a worth while and fun project.
Ozzy, I bought a standard PEA to position on top of my AM mini ref and between the Coincident Lines Stage and its power supply. Very nice! I also got a pulse gen to go inside my ModWright Sony. It provided another nice improvement, but the improvement was not on the same scale as I got with the PEA module. The PEA lifted another veil and improved localization of instruments. Attacks are sharper and decays are clearer. The PEAs are for real.
Brownsfan, Not sure about the PEA. If I bought one should it go on my Dac or Preamp?
Ozzy, the standard PEAs ($600) have a bit of a range (4x the field strength of a Mini Mite Pea) so you could get one of those and move it around to see where it has the maximum effect. Properly placed, they should benefit every component within their range, which I would presume is 2x the range of the mini mite. The mini mite PEAs ($200) go inside a component like a pulse gen. I would expect their range would be about 18-20". All of the PEAs run off of DC rather than AC like the pulse gens. Jerry wired one up for me so I could plug it into a duplex and not have to mess with batteries. I have noticed that it takes a while (~ 1 hr) after the PEAs are turned on to give maximum benefit, so having one wired up to stay plugged in and turned on is not a bad way to go.

I am sufficiently impressed with the standard PEAs that I will probably pick up a second one next month. I know I have RFI problems and the pulse gens are good. But the PEA in my system was one of those jaw droppers.