Audio Magic Pulse Gen products

Has anyone tried the Audio Magic Pulse Gen products?
I have located a few reviews but not much recent activity.

I understand they emit a signal that is to reduce or eliminate RFI/EMI that is riding on the cables.

Well, I just installed the "speaker clarifiers" to my DIY speaker cables and thus far I am really impressed. I am hearing better tonal qualities. That is,voices and instruments are much more real or whole sounding. And the soundstage is way deeper, allowing the sound to identify where each instrument is located in the mix.

So, I went ahead and ordered 4 of the Pulse Gen modules that go inside of components and I will be installing them in the next few weeks.

I plan on doing a full review of these products once they are installed, but I still wonder why there has not been much talk of these products on Audiogon.
Ozzy, I also am perplexed why Audio Magic gear in general, and the Pulse generators in particular, don't get more attention. I have a pretty extensive line of AM products, including the Mini REf Gen II with pulse dampening, Liquid Air speaker cables, a Liquid Air XLR IC, a hand full of fuses, three duplexes, the Speaker Clarifier, a blue dot, 2 older generation power filters, and probably some other stuff I am forgetting. I have found it all to be superb. I am planning on picking up 2 pulse generators for my Cary monoblocks in a couple months. I will be eagerly awaiting your review. Don't be afraid to share preliminary impressions. Jerry states without hesitation his gear produces improvements that are not subtle, and that has been my take on this stuff as well. If you find you don't need all four, let me know! :)
Thanks Brownsfan for your posting.
Most of the Oppo modders are using the Pulse Gen in their mods and rave about their addition.

Question: Where is the best place for the Pulse Gen's to be installed? I'm thinking as near as possible to the transformer but that may not be possible. What has been your experience?

After I try the additional Pulse Gen's, I may try the Blue Dot.
Ozzy, I would call or email Jerry for advice on placement inside your components. I suspect placement inside is not critical, although it seems I read placement next to the power supply is optimal. The fact that my Coincident pre benefits so much from placement next to my Mini Ref II tells me that the field generated by the pulse gen module is probably large enough to work anywhere inside the case.

One has to wonder about the new PEA modules as well.
Hi Ozzy, We don't speak of Pulse Gens because they are magic boxes! I started with one in my dac with fantastic results. Next was my Supratek Cabernet pre and more improvement. I then had Jerry build me a Mini Ref 2 with Oyaide R1's and I could not be happier. Even his super fuses make a difference. I now believe in magic.
"because they are magic boxes!"

Harry .. there is no magic in this hobby ... Math and Physics are the only things that can effect your system’s performance

Most audiophile’s lack of advanced Math and Physics basics causes them to not be able to connect the dots on why and how an improvement works and the fact that an improvement is perceived/noted is attributed to ... MAGIC ... it’s Math and Physics Amigo

Magic is the art of convincing the audience through MIS-DIRECTION ... you don’t think any of the Mfgers and/or Dealers would ever try to mis-direct us do you ... ;-(

"I understand they emit a signal that is to reduce or eliminate RFI/EMI that is riding on the cables"

Ozzy it’s not the noise riding on line that the Pulse Gens treats ... it is the Air Born RF floating around the inside of our components that is soaked up by the Pulse Gens

The Pulse Gens dissipate the Air Born noise inside our equipment before it can couple to the components inside our equipment raising the noise floor ...

The Pulse Gen’s generate a wave that is the same frequency and amplitude as the RF but opposite in phase (180 degrees) as the Air Born RF

This has a cancelling effect and reduces the amount of Air Born noise that will couple to your equipment's internal components

By reducing this Air Born interference you lower the component’s noise floor which reveals more spatial and low level cue’s .. there by expanding the sound stage .. increasing dynamics ... transparency and openness all this comes with the reduction of this interference

When they first came out I bought one and installed it in my Denon D5000 DVD/CD player ... the effects were noticeable immediately and very positive with no down side ... next I purchased another one and installed it my Exact Power EP15 ... here it had little to no noticeable effect

This was very surprising as the EP 15 uses a digital comparator to correct the sine wave of the incoming current and I felt the comparator was ballooning a good deal of Air Born RF from it’s operation ... I guessed wrong and failed to connect the Math and Physics Dots as to why this change brought no improvement

Next I pulled the P/Gen from the Denon and installed it in my newly acquired Ayre D1ex’s outboard power supply ... here it had the same effect as when installed in the Denon

Moving forward I purchased the Speaker Clarifier's shortly after they were released ... I installed them on my Ridge Street P!!! speaker cables and my Elrod Signature 3 power cord ... I placed the Clarifiers in the middle and at both ends on both cables and the results were consistent ... in all position on either cable they caused the sound stage to shrink and congeal considerable and they leaned the sound out removing the emotion and authority

I gave the Clarifier's about 50 to 75 hours to acclimate and even ran my very effective PAD break in disc to no avail

Luckily the Cable Company accepted them back for credit even after extending my time to allow for more break in ... we all wanted for these to work ... but in my system they didn’t

Next I will harvest the P/Gen from my Exact Power EP15 and install it in the cable box in my bed room where I watch a lot of TV ... I’m expecting very positive results inside the cable box box ... but I won’t know until I try this out

Ozzy if you have a spare try one in your cable box or DVR ... it will be awhile before I get to trying this

As far as Math and Physics ... I consider myself in the challenged category ... as a matter of fact I was so poor in Math in High School I thought Calculus was Julius Caesar's hair dresser ;-)

Davehrab, very interesting comments. I thought that the speaker clarifiers were designed to reduce the amount of RF/EMI crap that is riding on the speaker cables output.

I found a VERY large improvement on my DYI speaker cables with the speaker clarifiers. My Bi-wire 14 and 18 gauge speaker cables are made out of 9999 solid Silver wire that is soft annealed and then sleeved and made into twisted pairs in oversized Teflon tubing.

Anyway, at the moment my next plan is to install the 4 Pulse Gen's.
One will go on my CD player and Dac, one on my Preamp and one inside of my Oppo 95 player.
Hi Ozzy,
Hi5Harry asked me to chime in with my opinions on Audio Magic. I'm usually a lurker:) I'm a bit apprehensive about posting in Tech Talk as my observations and impressions are subjective and YMMV. That being said I find in the context of my system that all Jerry's products* invoke nothing but gains in listening pleasure. No ill effects. Some consistent attributes are sound stage expansion, amazing spaciousness and air without tonally altering anything. Focus appears enhanced too but is probably relative to the larger space it images in now along with detail brought forth by lowering the noise floor. Also microdynamics and a sense of flow by a smidgeon has improved. The thing is I was very pleased with the state of my rig before introducing Audio Magic. Try the blue dot next with confidence. Mine's placed by the rear of my linestage by all the outputs and inputs. Super fuses are a must. Hope this helps.
Blissfully(for now),

P.S. Audio Magic goodies play very well with other tweaks:) and can be very addicting. We find these are great additions if you are at the point where you're satisfied with the sound you're getting. Also relatively easy to reverse if the effects don't suit your tastes.

*roughly in order of appearance-Nano-Liquid Premium Fuses in everything, Pulse Gen ZX (in 2 different DACs third one on order), Speaker Clarifiers, Blue Dot, Blackouts (one in breaker box that increases the volume-we all heard it repeatedly), SUPER Fuse (Nano-Liquid) replaced all the original Premium fuses, Oracle Liquid Power conditioner, 2 medium Pulsed Electron Alignment units (on order).

Emoonie, Thank you very much for your helpful posting.
I have found that the Magic lies in reducing the crap that is in the electrical power. Be that the incoming power or the crap that are own components generate.
At each reduction of this crap the real musically image comes into focus. Its really not Magic just good science.
I think Audio Magic is plugged into that notion.

So, when I receive the Pulse Gen units and start to install them inside the component, space inside the equipment may be a problem.
If the space is available, should I try to install the Pulse Gens as near to the transformer or near to the IEC?
IMO I feel the blue dot works much better outside. The Pulse Gen performs best inside with the chassis closed back up. That being said I thought there was a slightly better effect near lower level ICs and their RCAs. IEC area next and Transformers the least (under the transformer a bit better than above), YMMV. There's definitely a settling in (charging? energizing?) period. You could also talk with the master himself about application, Jerry Ramsey. No hype, down to earth, open and engaging, sounds like I'm describing his products:). He's one of us and does it all for our enjoyment of music. THANK YOU JERRY YOU'RE THE BEST!!!. Hope this helps.
Emoonie, Its a bit difficult to get a hold of Jerry these days. But, once you connect with him , I must admit he ships the items very fast. I have installed 3 out of the 4 units in my equipment but, I have yet to power anything up do to a rack reconfiguration.

I am curious though about your statement about the settling in stage. On my speaker clarifiers I could tell the improvement within a few minutes and they did get better the next day. Is this the same as you experienced with the Pulse Gen's?
Ozzy, My understanding of the speaker clarifiers is similar to yours above. I think they do reduce emi rfi coming in with the cables, plus help out with the cross-overs when placed at the binding posts.
On the pulse dampeners, I know that when I unplug everything due to vacation or storms it takes a while for everything to return to normal. I think you will notice something right away in a quick A/B, but it may take a day or so to get the full effect. I'm thinking about using allegator clips to allow taking them in and out. I want to buy 2, and try them in my monoblocks then use them in my ModWright sony power supply and player to see which gives the biggest improvmement.
I connected one of my Pulse gens to a standard power cord I then plugged into the wall. That allowed me to try it in several pieces of gear. Each time it took about 24 hours to get the full effect. It made a HUGE difference in my dac and a lesser ,but still nice, difference in my preamp. Even his Superfuse took a couple days to settle. The Mini Ref 2 power conditioner has been a real eye opener. When I am playing vinyl my system is using 31 tubes and yet I can't even hear tube rush anymore. Crazy stuff!
Well I just finished installing the 4 Pulse Gens.
Here is where I installed them.
Cary 306 SACD,
Pass Labs X10 preamp,
Oppo 95. It was very tough getting it into the Oppo.

I have only played my stereo for about an hour now.
I can detect a clearer and sharper music presentation. Perhaps too sharp, will it mellow a little more after a few more hours on them?
Ozzy, Possibly. Difficult to predict.

When you say it is too sharp, can you provide more details? What the pulse gen and all products resulting in better shielding against RFI gets me is first and foremost a clearing of a nasty nasal quality to the top end. This should not result in the kind of detail that gives one that excessively etched sound. In addition to this correction of timbral aberrations, the clearing and cleaning should give you a smoother and sweeter top end while at the same time resulting in more detail.

Its always possible that a piece of equipment is voiced in such a way as to become overly aggressive in the absence of normal background RFI- EMI. If the problem persists, I would recommend taking the Pulse Gen's out one at a time until you obtain the optimal sound. I do think the idea of using alligator clips is a good one, facilitating easy removal. That is what I intend to do, and that also allows me to hold the pulse gen if I sell the component.
Hi5harry, Good info above. This idea also addresses something I have been wondering about. If you wire the pulse gen to the iec from the inside, you would have to make sure it is not defeated by the power switch, otherwise, its only going to be active when the equipment is turned on.
I obviously agree on the MiniRef II. Makes you wonder what the Oracle is like, doesn't it? I bought my MiniRef used from a guy who after finding how good the mini ref was had to have an Oracle.
Hi guys,
Sorry for not chiming in again earlier Ozzy. My experiences correlate precisely with Hi5harry's pretty much on everything we experience aurally which is reassuring. I think Brownsfan is onto something guessing that something in your rig is voiced in that direction. All his products have never sounded too sharp in my experience. If anything a bit subdued initially instead. BUT I didn't add four Pulse Gens simultaneously. They do gain in image body density. I'm guessing you're hearing that by now.
I did receive and place two medium PEAs in a couple days ago. PEAs are something else! Takes five minutes to control its field. Improvements from the bottom to the top. Focus Air (with a capital A) dynamics depth harmonics all add up to increase emotional impact. "It's NOT subtle" This is behind the speakers on the bybees @ the binding posts. YMMV.
We've never compared High5harry's MiniRefII with my Oracle. They are both excellent products. Brownsfan perhaps you could inquire how the seller feels about his upgrade. I really try not to disparage anyone's products especially since we listen in different rooms with personal sonic priorities, and our systems are moving targets among themselves. Kinda amazing it works as well as it does. In the context of my experience though the Oracle has substantially improved upon a long line of power conditioner/regeneration units I've owned since the mid-eighties. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the additional postings. A liitle more information...

While I was waiting for the Pulse Gen's and another P4 HiDiamond Power cord to arrive I took out all of interconnects, power cables, etc. and re-cooked them on my Audiodharma Cable cooker.

After installing the Pulse Gens in the equipment, I re- connected all of the cables, including the recently acquired and now recently cooked HiDiamond P4 power cord. The HiDiamond P4 power cord is very thick and still will take along time to fully break in.

The first day with the Pulse Gen's connected the music sounded a little sharp , but today 2 days later, the sound is settling in nicely with a very wide soundstage.
Ozzy, good to hear things are settling in a bit. Keep us posted.

Emoonie, how much info did you get from Jerry on the PEA's? I take it the three sizes vary with respect to the size of the field. If that is correct, do you know how large of a field each size creates? I could perhaps use 4 minis plus maybe one medium to place above my Mini Ref II and between the pre amp and its power supply. Or, if the field of the medium size is big enough, I might be better served to buy two medium size PEAs to go with each of my monoblocks, and perhaps the field would extend to the crossovers on my Maggies.
Brownsfan, I was told the smallest PEAs were a quarter strength of the medium ones. They'd suffice nicely inside components and would be complimentary to the Pulse Gens. He suggested two mediums to start and try them behind the speakers. I regularly find his suggestions are spot on. Haven't tried them anywhere else in my rig as I'm enamored with their effect but did move them around a friend's in other positions because his are actively tri-amped and my preferred spot(so far in my system)is not readily available. Sounded best on top of his DAC/transport by far. Settled (charged?)from twenty seconds to about five minutes. Didn't seem to be noticeably effective on the phonostage, linestage, by his ICs into the speakers or the AC cords into the speakers. From my very limited experience I'd recommend two medium ones and place them on the X-over @ the speaker wire side. Then again here my amps are underneath the eight inch tall X-overs so perhaps the field permeates to them also. Nice thing is with them being self powered moving them around and back is a snap. Hope this helps.
Emoonie, Thanks. That is helpful. If the mediums have 4 x the field strength of the minis, I'm guessing that means 2 x the range. Assuming a mini probably has at least 18 inches of range, I should be able to place a medium on top of each monoblock and have the field extend to the crossovers.
I'm still waiting to hear back from Jerry, but the info you provided is a good start. I have also found Jerry's recommendations on target, but I am thinking one mini, one medium, and two pulse gens would allow me to fully assess where I am going to see improvements.
I just ordered 3 of the PEA standard units. Jerry said these work well with the pulse gen. I'm very pleased with the Pulse Gens so hope he's right on.

Emoonie, I thought the PEA were made to go on components, but you say they work well behind speakers, please explain.

I wonder what will happen when I place one on top of my PS Audio P10 power regenerator.
Ozzy, From talking to Jerry, I gathered that the PEAs will do particularly well when placed above the ventilation holes of a metal cabinet component. I used one to good effect on my Audio Magic Mini Ref, which has an acrylic cabinet. I expect that placing one on top of your PS audio would result in improvements to everything plugged into the regenerator.

With the other 2 units, I would move them around to see where they have the greatest impact. They can be velcroed to the speaker binding posts for instance.
Brownsfan, Thanks for your opinion. I will try one on the PS Audio P10.
I already have the speaker clarifiers on my speaker cables near the binding posts, but I'll try to sandwich the speaker cable with a Pulse Gen and a PEA.
So, lots of experimenting to do.
I just installed the 3 PEA's. I placed them on the same equipment that I previously installed the Pulse gens.

Holy crap what resolution!

Every instrument is so clear and precise. Even certain tracks that once had bass notes that were a bit boomy now sound clear as can be.
I don't know how Jerry does it, but it really is an awesome improvement.

Ar you familiar with the IPC Acoustic Energizers? The PEAs are supposed to have a similar effect. I have heard the former but not the later. Has anyone here heard both?
Ozzy, my experience with one was similar. Too bad some people dismiss these without trying them.
Ozzy if you try moving the peas around let us know if it make ny difference. I'm planning on adding them one at a time.
Sabai, Where have you been? Still holding on to the HiDiamond Cables?
No, I have never tried the IPC Acoustic Energizers, but I think they go for a lot more money.

Brownsfan, I tried moving one of the PEA's to my Oppo Blu Ray player and it didn't seem to make much improvement with the Video. Next, I will try them on my Amp and then the speaker cables. Definitely a plus over my Cary CD/Dac and on my Pass Labs Preamp.

I've been here -- just enjoying reading others' posts. I still have some HiDiamonds in my system. Always changing and experimenting.

I heard have heard the Acoustic Energizers but not the peas. The latter are a lot more economical -- if they do similar things. How many peas do you have? Please let me know how they sound near your speakers. What speakers do you have?
Rays I also have a standard size. Dubai Jerry sent out an email t showing details on the three sizes. You might have to call him.
Sabai, I now have a complete loom of HiDiamond cables throughout my 2 channel and home theatere equipment.I am still very much enjoying them, and I doubt that I will change to other cables.

On the PEA's. I own 3 of the standard size that are placed on top of components. There is a smaller size that can go inside the component and a larger floor standing unit.

Thanks for the update. I am still running some cables in series.

I would very much appreciate knowing what effects the PEAs have brought to your system and where you are using them. I have read that placing them behind speakers gives a good result.

The website says that the standard is to be placed on top of the components' I think the large ones are the ones to be placed behind the speakers.

I'm getting a very nice, purer sounding, wide, deep soundstage. It seems that any frequency bump(be it low frequency or high)is now completely gone and replaced with a very relaxed sound. But, I also installed the Pulse Gens units inside the same components in which Jerry says the PEAs improve on there effect.
I also have the speaker clarifiers on my speaker cables. Each item added to the depth and realism.
I'm playing familiar tunes and smiling...

It's something you would have to hear (feel) to appreciate.

Thanks for all this valuable information. Would you say the impact of just the standard PEAs was subtle -- or not so subtle? How would you characterize the change on a scale from 1 to 10?
Sabai, That's a tough question to quantify.
But, I'll do my best.
Adding the three PEA's after what I already had installed was a complete change in image quality. So perhaps the three units would total a 10.
Each unit added one at a time would then be perhaps a 3+.
Ozzy, I think what you said a couple posts above is key. Both the Pulse Gens and the PEAs are resulting in a "purer sounding" system. They are both, in different ways, removing something that is not right. With the pulse gens and speaker clarifiers in my system, its removing a bit of grunge in the high frequencies, giving at the same time a clearer more detailed sound that is also more relaxed. Those attributes don't commonly go together. I also find the Pea I have has added to the soundstage and depth.

There is a very high return on investment with these two "tweaks."
Brownsfan... I took your advice and contacted Jerry. Copied below is Jerry's response. Emphasis added that the PEA's can be fitted with a plug in power supply which might be of interest to those thinking about installing one inside their component.

"1. Mini Mite 2" x 2" x 1 1/2" this unit is designed to go inside of equipment where space is an issue.

2. Standard 4" x 5" x 1 1/2 " this is the work horse it can be put on top of equipment, speakers, breaker boxes, etc.

Use your imagination everything has electrons so it will work on most anything.

3. Monolith 24" tall 8" wide 8" deep this is our floor stander designed to go by each speaker and one behind the listening position this allows the music to travel through the air a lot easier creating greater depth and width,smoothness , detail and better bass.

All units run off 2 AA batteries or can be fitted with a plug in power supply for 25.00.

2- AA lithium batteries running non stop 24/7 will last approximately 4 months... if you turn them off when not listening they could last up to 2 years."
Is there a difference in the effect of these tweaks on tubed vs. solid state components?
Rja, I can tell you that when I moved my Coincident Statement Line stage (tube with SS rectification) away from its position on either side of my AM Mini Reference Power conditioner, which contains a pulse gen module, the system sound suffered rather dramatically. I can also tell you that Dan Wright offers installation of Pulse Gens in his ModWright Sony and Oppo players (tube analog stage, tube rectified). The speaker clarifiers are modified pulse gens that are intended to be used at the binding posts of speakers.
In theory, any equipment affected by RFI/EMI, tube or SS, should be improved by the pulse gens.; My experience is consistent with theory.
Just to get the Audio Magic PEA back onto recent activity, I can't believe how much the PEA's have added to my enjoyment, the soundstage is just unbelievable.

I hope some of the online reviewers will try these soon so the word gets out and others can try these units.

What positive changes have happened for your sound stage? How is the imaging?
Excellent! There are no downsides with this item. Fairly inexpensive for the sound quality improvements.

Thanks for letting me know. I think I will eventually add 3 to my system. I already use Schumanns, Steinmusic Harmonizers and Symphony Pros to good effect.
I have been moving my two PEA's everywhere. Try putting one of them very close to the house fuse panel that services your stereo. My second PEA sits on top of the row of male plugs exiting my Mini Ref 2.