Audio Magic power cords

Does anybody have information on Audio Magic Black Thunder power cord? Not to be confused with Straight Wire's Black Thunder. I have tried several times to get The Cable Company to correct their listing for the Audio Magic cord, but to no avail. They still have it listed using Straight Wire's description for their copper cord, rather than anything from Audio Magic, which uses silver wire. I'd sure like to know the construction features, especially gauge and shielding. I know it's confusing; both companies offer a "black thunder" power cord. But you'd think the a company like The Cable Company, which specializes in audio cables, could publish accurate information. And oddly, Audio Magic has zero information on their website about any of their cables. Any helpful information about this particular power cord would be much appreciated. 
Hello drove,
I currently own two “Audio Magic” Black Thunder power cords.  Originally, I purchased them to power two REL subwoofers, but now, I am using one on my power amp.  The Black Thunder power cable is surprisingly good.  It really doesn’t add, or subtract anything (ie, more bass, or warmer midrange, or rolled top end).  I would categorize this cable as truly neutral.  If your looking for anything else, then this really won’t work for you.  However, in my system, for the money, I am surprised at how good everything sounds.  With the Black Thunder, you get an amazing amount of detail, truly!  With that detail, you get lots of air, but no thinness.  The bass is tight, and extended, but not bloated, or fat, and the soundstage is wide, with great image specificity.
I like this cable.  Are there better power cable?  Sure, but again, for the money, you can’t go wrong, and you will not be dissatisfied.
I hope this helps!