Audio Magic Power Cords

Ive been so impressed with the recent acquisition of an audio magic power conditioner, its got me thinking about power cords. Anyone have any recent experience with them. Im thinking about a sorcerer but archives dont have much on AM's cords....
I use a Sorcerer on my preamp (cary SLP-05) and like it a lot.
I had the Stealth XXX with the latest mods (I can't remember what they are called). I was disappointed. The sound was very compressed no matter what combination of switch positions I tried. I compared it back to back with an ExactPower EP15A and a Richard Gray 1200S. Both were so much cleaner sounding WITHOUT sacrificing sound stage than the Audio Magic. This was a Simaudio W5,P5 system with Von Schweikert VS4.5 and Exemplar 3910 for source.
Mr M- How many hours of burn-in did you allow before critical listening began? The Stealth XXX has to be powered quite a while before it performs well at all.

I don't know what to say...I've owned the RG 1200s and others. I currently own the Audio Magic Nexus as well as the mini ref. They both replaced the 1200s being fed by a RG Substation (240v). I couldn't be happier with the AM gear. The service from Jerry is second to NONE as well.

Good Luck-
I had the opposite effect after leaving it one for a few days. Sort of windexed my system in a positive way. this is odd because im a tone freak and usually care more about lushness then squeeky clean sound. But in this case im enjoying it. MAybe its the old building and new york city power thats so crappy to begin with.

Anyway. thanks for the replys. Any particular suggestions on Cords . Im thinking about the sorcerer only because it seems to be middle of the line. thanks
I've extensively used their powercord from the PowerDrive to the Clairvoyant.

As you proceed up the line, there is a consistent improvement on the previous model. The Sorcerer is very good, being 6ga copper with silver coating. The sound is very direct, dynamic and punchy. It allows the equipment to breath.

The first place to start with the powercords is from the wall to the conditioner. That forms the foundation for the entire system.

If you haven't heard your system completely wired with AudioMagic cables, you should try it. There is a synergy which adds up to more than the sum of its parts. Even with the entry pure silver Excalibur range, these sound excellent and represent extremely good value.

Dealer disclosure.
The XXX was a demo unit direct from AM (and I concur with Jtwrace that Jerry is a good guy), so it was already broken in. That said, I left it in for a week anyway before critical listening.
Again, ymmv, but in my case, it did not fit.
Believe me, I wanted the XXX to work and it is a nice product but...
BTW, I still have the RGPC1200S and subsequently did a back to back with A BPT 3.5 Signature and the 1200S still won out for transparency and "cleanliness".
I should mention that I live in a suburban/rural town, i.e. I do not have a ton of commercial noise or apartment bldg issues, just the typical power company trash/surges/dropouts.
So, again, YMMV.
Recounting a recent incident:

I loaned a XXX a some interconnects/speaker cables to a potential customer. The system comprised an Ayre CX7, Blue Circle BC3 pre, Sanders power, and a Harbeth SHL5. Initially I thought that putting in the XXX should open up the soundstage and bring the music into better focus. When I heard it, the dynamics did appear to be restricted. This customer was using some exotic python thick powercords. So we switched those to AM powercords - Sorcerer, Illusion and PowerDrive on the amp. Immediately the music began to flow much better, coming from outside the Harbeths (which I had always thought exhibited a boxy coloration). The transformation was amazing.

So consider this when you try to change one component in your system: what you are hearing is the combination of the sum of everything there, not just the last piece that you changed. It is possible that this last piece just shows a shortcoming somewhere else - yes YMMV.