Audio Magic Power Conditioner Upgrade

Has anyone sent their Audio Magic power conditioner back to the company for the upgrade that is being advertised on this website under the listing of Power Conditioners for sale? If you have, can you tell us your results? Thanks.
Ackman, I called Jerry about this. The lower priced option involves installation of one of the PEA mini mights, whereas the higher priced upgrade involves installation of a standard PEA. In talking to Jerry, he indicated that purchasing a stand alone standard PEA and putting it on top of the acrylic cabinet accomplishes the same thing, and one does not have to ship the power conditioner back to AM. This is a very worthwhile and cost effective upgrade. If you have been following the discussion started by Ozzy on the PEAs and Pulse Gens, everthing said there is consistent with my experience. Give Jerry a call--these things are for real.