Audio Magic Monoliths .. Has Anyone Tried Them?

Jerry Ramsey's Monoliths sound really good on paper. But has any out there tried them yet? What do they sound like?
I am a new dealer for them we tried and bough his Oracle Power Conditoner which employs the same ttechnology lets just say wow wow wow transformational
Not this week.
I don't have the monoliths but I have three of the std PEA modules. These things are for real. There was an extensive thread discussing the pulsed electron alignment when Jerrry first released them.

I understand the Monoliths are a different technology from the PEAs, which are supposed to me amazing.

I understand the Monoliths are a different technology from the PEAs, which are supposed to be amazing.
I have an Audio Magic PEA thanks to Brownsfan. Over the weekend I turned my system on only to find the soundstage and other attributes weren't up to par. After pondering what the heck happened, I checked the light on the back of the PEA and learned the batteries were dead. To use Audiooracle's word, the moral to my message is the PEA's are "transformational".
Jerry Ramsey has a dedicated following for a reason. He also has his detractors among those who haven't tried any of his products. It has been my experience that he tends to understate the impact his products can make. When he says the differences are not subtle, rest assured that is what you will find.
Do the PEAs make the sound more forward or do they mostly add to the sound stage? Do they create any change in detail or tonality?
Sabai, My understanding is different. I understand the Monoliths are just extra large peas, but perhaps I am wrong.
As for what exactly the PEAs do, its a little hard to properly articulate. I think RAks description above captures it. When you find them turned off, you know something is wrong, and when you turn them back on, you find things turned to what somehow just sounds right.
They take a while to work. When I got the first one, I put it in place and turned it on. Didn't hear much to get excited about. I took the dog for a walk, came back and it was OMG, what happened? I proceeded to add additional peas one at a time. Three seems to do it for me. My peas aren't going anywhere.

Thanks for all this interesting information. Would you mind describing what they do to the sound in your system? Specifically, I am interested in how they might affect the sound stage, imaging, detail, tonality and transparency?
Mr B- You are correct. The Mini, Standard and Monolith are iterations of the same technology(Pulsed Electron Alignment), with various placement possibilities(ie: inside equipment) & power increases, relative to size.
Brownsfan and Rodman99999,

I am not a big fan of a forward sound stage. I prefer when it is a bit recessed, like listening to a live performance. This is natural sounding to me. Do the PEAs actually bring the sound stage forward? What happens to imaging with the PEAs in place?
I have found that these room treatment devices. Those that produce a fuller more warmer sonic change tends to be more forward i.e. more presence regio.

The Acoustic revive doesnt do this as the sound can sound more defined yet a neutral effect which opens out the soundstage without giving the impression of forwardness to the sound.

Anyone compared the PEAs, monoliths to other devices?
Sabai, Sorry, I must have missed your post from the 14th. I've been asked this before, and I am at a loss to put my finger on how to describe the sonic difference these make. The best I can do, is tell you that these substantially increase the "rightness." When they are turned off, somehow things just aren't right. I know that is not very satisfactory, but that is the best I can do. I have 3 standard PEAs, which were added one at a time. This may be a good way for most people to go. I got one at retail and bought 2 used from other AG members, so this was a very cost effective tweak.

No problem. Thanks for your observations. One more question, if you don't mind. Do the PEAs make the sound more forward or do they leave it where it is?