Audio Magic Liquid Air

Anybody tried these yet? I'm wondering, for example, how a basic Liquid Air interconnect would compare with one of their higher-end silver lines like the Sorcerer or Illusion?
Hello Coverto - I have used the new Audio Magic Sorcerer Liquid Air interconnects and speaker cables and found them to amazingly good cables. They have the detail of previous generation all silver cables, but with a lot of harmonics and none of the dryness. Note decay was natural and extended and the texture of vocals and the timbers of acoustic instruments was right on the money. Made me wonder what the Liquid Air Illusions could possibly do that was better??? I should know in a couple of weeks when I get mine.
Hey Jwp - thanks for the response - will definitely be interested to know how that test goes - keep me posted!
Listening to the Illusion Liquid Air Digital Cable...superb stuff. Resolution to die for accompanied by great tonal characteristics, Vocals have such textures and expression, I had never heard before on my system. As usual with all Audio Magic cables, the Rhythm and timing of music is top class.
I think they have a winner in their hands.

I do agree that the older silver cables had a drier midrange which I always had a concern for...thats resolved with the liquid air in a grand way.
I had the Liquid air Sorcerer in my system and it was excellelnt I had several bring over $1,000 interconnects and even more for speaker cables these new liquid cables are the most balanced I HAVE EVER HEARD. I tryed em from the Cable company and decided to send them back for the more expensive Illusions which I now have in my audio system the Voices are better than any even at 2x the cost
the Bass is much better than any I have experienced from a $2k interconnect and Speaker cable in the $3k range .
Just a super quiet and natural sounding cable. At first you may think it is a little laid back Not so these are just not forwards like my freinds Valhalla I could not stand them in my system. They were ultra detailed but no emotion and flow to them just etched detailed you can keep em. I have had several freinds try these new cables in their system and they are now looking to buy them , and their Power cords are excellent even the entry level cords beatup on cords that are much more moneys .The cables Co. lets you try them before you buy them.
I now have moved up to the 2nd from the Top Illusion
liquid air cables .The Liquid air cables have similar balance just now the recording ar more 3 dimentional the fron to back and side layering is spot on and the voices are better than anything I have heard even at 2x the price .By not being metal based you are not picking up rfi, and emi like in a standard cable a Much quieter cable
and you can for sure hear deeper into the performance .
Try them for at least two weeks and at least 350 hours are needed for the cables to start to settle in.
Look for a dealer like the cable Co. that will let you use them for a few weeks or a dealer.
The Liquid Air cables have made a huge difference in my system. I have used two versions of Jerry's power cords in this line of cables: the base Liquid Air for my preamp and a new (I may be the first one to hear them) "high-current" Liquid Air power cord for my mono block tube amps. I have not used any of the Liquid Air line-level cables (digital and IC). I do have experience with them, however, in the Mini-Reference power line conditioner that I started out purchasing last December '10 with the "Liquid Air upgrade." In the more recent months I added the power cords.

The Mini-Reference PLC lowered the noise floor of my system in ways that were informative. In fact, the single most significant feature of the Liquid Air cables is how they suppress noise and allow what is on the recording to come through. What surprised me was how much more palpable the recordings sounded when played over my system -- this effect was noticeable with the Mini-Reference PLC but greatly enhanced by the addition of the power cords.

At first (during the first couple of weeks) I wondered if this "more palpable sound" was moving me away from the sound I had worked hard to achieve, but as these Liquid Air cables burned in over a period of several weeks, the soundstage became very dimensional and instruments/vocals had plenty of surrounding air, an organic quality I particularly like. Vocals over my Quad 2805 speakers now have the immediacy and delicate sound of a very good horn system. This is something I would never have expected from the ESLs, but now attribute to the recordings themselves because of the lifelike quality, as opposed to improvements we usually attribute to gear: transparency, depth, wide, dynamics, etc.

Another remarkable aspect of the Liquid Air cables (in my case rendered in my system by the amp power cords and Mini-Reference PLC) worth noting is "timbrel truthfulness." The full color of the orchestra is reproduced to a much greater effect than I've previously heard. This characteristic is so significant that it increases the sense of realism--surely impossible to quantify, but easily recognized. Imagine a much greater sense of ease and corresponding reduction in listener fatigue that comes from hearing what sounds like the real thing. These are the finest cables I've had the pleasure to use, and Audio-Magic offers them at a very reasonable price for the value. I did try the Illusion power cord on the Mini-Reference but did not feel it better my 8ga. reference cord in that position, still you mileage may vary.
screw silver..stick with copper i say.

Give the Crimson cables a go and you might be pleasantly surprised.