Audio Magic Fuse Leak Problem???

Hello, I purchased a Modwright Transporter on Audiogon. The previous owner replaced the stock fuses with Audio Magic liquid filled fuses. I was skeptical, but left them in because I did not want to take the cover off and replace them. Anyway, just had a fuse blow and I removed the cover. One of the fuses was black and the liquid was leaking from the fuse. I was able to make sure none of the fluid got onto the circuit board, but this is really an issue. I would never recommend using these fuses. They are a danger to the equipment and potentially an electrical hazard.
The liquid is a polymer so chances look real good it's non-conductive. I kinda doubt Audio Magic would be so careless as to employ a conductive liquid, knowing that a fuse might blow.
Geoff is correct. Further, Jerry's products are held in very high regard overall. I use two Liquid PCs and one Liguid IC pair and am contemplating another PC without worries. I use his Oracle.
I have his top fuses in everything. Well, not in my multimeter:) Sadly I lost one along with the bridge rectifier during a multiple power outage and though expensive to replace (fuse more than the bridge) sonic merits definitely warrant continued use. YMMV. Curious, could you determine where in the fuse it leaked? Jerry uses standard brand fuses before his multiple treatments. My guess is the flaw lied with the manufacture of the fuse. I'm gonna venture a guess that when you replaced the Audio Magic fuse you're missing some "magic" sonically. If it was his original nano fuse (glass not covered with black out label) perhaps spring for a super fuse. Amazing improvement. What value did you lose? I could send you the original version if you feel confident in putting another liquid fuse in there. I've tried other premium fuses and definitely prefer Audio Magics in my rig.
Hi guys, As I told "shamanjr" please send the fuse back and I will replace it
at no charge, I suspect it's a first gen fuse and if the fuse manufacturer
didn't seal the end cap properly the original liquid might leach out.Although
I also told him i've sold many many fuses and he's the first one that
has complained about a leaking fuse, not to worry none of the liquids ever used
were corrosive or conductive in any way. The 2nd gen liquids on will never
leak due to the nature of the liquid it self.

Why use liquid? all our fuses are filled with a anti vibration compound mixed
with our black out powder and will stop any ringing of the element as well
as take care of any emi or rf riding the fuse, in the super fuse we go one
step further and apply a compound over the glass to eliminate any internal
static discharge as well as block any ambient emi and rf from entering the fuse we then treat each fuse with our nano stream process which really
makes the end caps as well as the element a much better conductor.

Making a liquid fuse is very time consuming but well thought out and
very much worth all the trouble. Any one who has done business with me knows I go out of my way to make my customers happy, and as always
I really appreciate every one's support.


Damping what? (Just to note, I'm not trying to be a smart ass. I really don't know. lol.)
ZD, I think the idea is to stabilize the conductor against mechanical vibration.
As Mr B said, "Vibrational Damping"), BUT- I intended a double entendre(I was being a smartass). =;^)