Audio Magic and other Power Line Conditioners

I hope to soon upgrade my PLC. I'm currently using isolation transformers on each of my digital front end power cords (1 for the transport and 2 for the dac). I don't have any AC filtration/conditioning for the amp. I've tried a Velocitor in place of my current set up. While it did some things very well (space, speed,transients,) I found the overall sound a little threadbare and lacking in substance/solidity. At the time I felt that, even with a change of power cords, the sound would still be a little to ghost like for my taste.

I guess what I'm looking for is something inbetween what I've got now (transformers) and what the Velocitor offers. I like the lucidity/warmth of the isolation transformers, but I know I'm giving up speed (timing), transient defintion etc. I was wondering about other peoples experience, especially with regard to plugging their amps into the conditioners. (I've got 2 sub amps and 1 SS 100W stereo amp, none of which are being filtered)

I've been using an Audio Magic Stealth XXX for the past 6 years and lovin' it. I understand the newer version is even better. I'm running my 113WPC Cary tubed monoblocks and Hafler TransNova 9505(I bi-amp) through the "power amp" designated section without any dynamic compression, or transient slowing what-so-ever(I WOULD notice any anomalies). I believe you would be happy with one.
I don't know that you will get what you're looking for in another PLC. I've tried all the Shunyatas (not the V Ray), Audience Adept Response, and most of PS Audio line. All of them affected the sound in the exact manner you speak of. I've also noticed some type of coloration with every one of the above as well.

As of today, my BPT 3.5 signature remains on front end components. I notice very little loss in transients, speed, etc., what little loss is made up for in gains in image density, dimensionality, transparency and harmonic richness.

Amps are another story, I have yet to find a satisfactory PLC here.
I love my Audio Magic. If I could do only one (well make that two) things, I'd have a dedicated line for my source to an Audio Magic plug into the dedicated line. You won't be disappointed. I'm (more than)happy with mine. Jerry is offering something new (not on his website) that is inexpensive, dramatic and you can install yourself. Give him a buzz. Made a dramatic improvement in my rig.
Mr W- Give me a hint as to how this "new improvement" works(I won't be able to call until tomorrow PM). Obviously Jerry doesn't want us drilling out all those nifty pop-rivets.

I think Warren might be referring to this:
I use the AM Nexus and the mini ref. I also have the Pulse Gen in my CDP as well as his ground buster. It is awesome!!! Have no worries, go for it.
Try the LATEST offerings from PS Audio. Even their cheapest $299 Duet will make wonder to your amp. Just add a good power cord like their Statement SC for your amp. which is 30% off right now. You will be happy.
Jpagan, you are right.

Jtwrace, you are right on, as well!
You dont seem to be using that much power (100w SS amp). I doubt these dynamic problems are about current delivery. You dont mention what types of cables you use or speakers.

Remember if a conditioner is cleaning up your system it could be tidying up things you perceive as weight or slam which isnt really there.

The Audio Magic Stealth xxx is great and offers filter matching. Jerrys Audio magic pulse ZXs are very good and tame self noise. I use the Stealth xxx on a dedicated AC line and my amps use the pulse ZXs which are also plugged into the stealth xxx. This makes for a very clean sound with a removal of haze bringing out more detail. I have not noticed any dynamic restrictions with these.

The PS audio latest regenerator is very good too and I doubt your amp would give it any problems for current. It is much improved from the old range.
Jpagan, I've had a few including the Hydra and PS Premier. No matter what anyone recommends to you or how great they say it is in their system, their opinion is just their opinion. These devices work well in some systems and poorly in others. All you can do is try them out and hear what you like. The rest is a crapshoot with PLC's and regenerators.
Has anyone tried out the new 3D MAX from Clarity Cable yet? This is a new type of power conditioner...
The new Synergistic Research Power Cell is similar to the Clarity Cable unit in that it doesn't use transformers, capacitors or inductors to do it's noise scrubbing.
Thanks for that info on the PulseGen guys! (Intriguing!)