Audio Logic tube DAC vs Wavelength tube DAC?

I have tried to search the Pros and Cons between Audio Logic tube DAC (MXL version) and Wavelength tube DAC. Has anyone owned one of them please help???
I own the AL 24MXL (actually an upgraded 2400) which I have owned for almost 3 years. I am not familiar with the Wavelength unit. I can tell you that the Audio Logic is absolutely world class.
I agree with Jkphoto's assessment of the Audio Logic. I believe that A-gon member Bigkidz auditioned both the AL and the Wavelength recently; you might want to contact him for his thoughts.
The WA Cosine DAC is great. I have it in a headphone system and it is very smooth and natural sounding. I can't tell I'm listening to headphones except for the obvious compression on my head. It may not be as dynamic as the AN DACs, but I have not compared them side by side. I'd say the WA DAC would beat your EMC-1.
This is a little late but I had both in and they are both excellent. The AL goes a little deeper in the bass and was slightly more extended on top also. The Wavelength has a volume control direct option if that is of interest to you.

Happy Listening.
Also heard both and prefer the Audiologic Dac