Audio Logic 24MXL compared to Audio Logic 34MXL

I currently own the 24MXL and would like comments from people who are familiar with this DAC and have heard the new 34MXL. I had intended to wait a year or two and save money for the APL NWO 2.5 (single box player) which is really expensive. The rest of my system is CEC TL2 transport, CAT Ult MK2 preamp,
CAT JL2 amp, Avalon Osiris speakers all wired with top of the line Stealth. I know that the digital front end while not bad is the weakest link in this system and the next target for an upgrade.

I answered part of your question on the other Audio Logic thread; you should call Jerry, he will tell you the differences and will tell it to you straight too. My recollection from when I switched the chips in my Audio Logic Model 34 to the 24 bit chips used in the 2400 was I gained a little bit of resolution and lost a smaller bit of musicality; that may be the difference between the two units now, though I didn't have the transformer-coupled output stage in my DAC at the time so this observation may not be relevant. By the way, I would not consider your digital front end to be a weak link by any means; in fact, I really don't see one in your system. Just my biased view, of course. :^)
Thanks for the response Rcprince. Do you have Jerry's phone number? The number in my 24MXL owners manual is no longer correct. I looked at the specs from the new DAC and mine and see no real differences. I was hoping for at least a cap and resistor upgrade to premium componenets that may have been a worthwhile upgrade. It seems as if all he did was swap chips, it should be offered as an upgrade to current owners of the 24MXL. I did see the other thread after I started this one. Bart
I put the number in that thread. 203-222-2274. Let us know what he tells you.
Posbwp555, until a week ago I had a very similar system to yours - Audio Logic 24MXL, Cat Ulitmate MK II, and CAT JL2. I use an ARC CD3 MKII as a transport and Merlin VSM-MX speakers. Two months I bought a Placette RVC and I sold the CAT pre after six weeks of A/B. You might want to consider trying it. It also worked very well as a volume control, which gives remote control volume and very fine gradations of volume level. Any way just my experience. I still have not heard any comments on the 34MXL, so I too wait for some comments on the new edition. Jerry Ozment seems like a straight shooter and if he makes a change it would probably for a good reason -- so if anyone has heard the new version - please pipe in...
Pubul57, can you describe the pros and cons of the CAT Ult MK2 and Placette RVC comparison. What tubes did you use in the CAT? I have found that the stock tubes are crap.
I have done extensive tube rolling in the past year and have settled on some very rare and expensive tube types that take the CAT to a level of performance that is not even approached with the stock tubes. I spoke with Jerry Ozment again this week and he said that the upgrade would cost 300 to 400 and asked me to check back in a month to see if he was ready to take orders. He is overloaded with work and has recently moved. He does seem like a very nice and down to earth guy that doesn't hype his gear and try to rape you for upgrades. I think his gear is good value for the money. I'll post again when I talk to him in early January. Bart
I recently purchased the audiologic 34mxl by The great Jerry ozment. It is absolute music. Some audiophile's had an issue with bass on earlier models, but on the latest 34mxl, I find the bass absolutely musically and emotionally very satisfying. This dac is very musical and without a hint of digital artifact. The highs are realisticly extended, just like real life. The midrange is so lifelike until it is uncanny, not syrupy and artificially warm. to quote Goldielocks (it's just right).This is another one of those fine products that require a system of top notch quality to realize it's full potential. I owned the wonderful 24mxl, but this upgrade is just plain better in every way. I am waiting For my new metronome kalista transport, I expect it within a few weeks. WOW, I am expecting something exceptional in this combination. If you desire the best of dac's, tubed or solidstate, no hype, no chutzpa, but pragmatic and mature design philosophy,then the experience of Jerry Ozment is what you want. Just buy it, set back, relax, and enjoy music.

Thanks for the post. I have been waiting for someone that has actually listened to both DAC's to respond. I guess you sold your 24MXL and purchased a new 34MXL? I have been calling Jerry relentlessly for 24MXL upgrade information but he hasn't finalized anything yet. I will probably wait for an upgrade to be offered. Can you name any high end DAC's you have auditioned (EMM, APL, etc.) and compare their strengths and weaknesses relative to the 34MXL?

I'm still comparing the 2400 (upgraded Mosel 34 with the transformer coupling and 24-bit chips) to the EMM Labs DCC2 SE. Can't say anything definitive yet, as the EMM is hooked up to its matching transport and the Audio Logic to my Forsell, but right now there's a definite similarity in terms of smoothness and naturalness of presentation and just plain listening enjoyment. The EMM has more deep bass extension and definition, more transparency, has more pronounced macro-dynamics (about the same in small shifts, though) and overall probably digs out a bit more information. Another, perhaps most noticeable, difference is in tonal balance, the Audio Logic being tilted towards the lower mids/upper bass, having a slightly "darker", "wetter" sound, while the EMM has a slightly lighter overall tonal balance. Not sure if it's the Forsell or the DAC that is the source of the differnces, though; that's the next test. The Forsell has an ability to mimic analog that all other transports I've heard can't quite match, and that may be a source of some of the differences. I'll try to report on that when I listen, but in truth, I like the EMM so much on SACD I rarely listen to CD on it. Right now, comparing apples to oranges, my feeling is that the Forsell/Audio Logic combination sounds closer to vinyl playback than normal digital, while the EMM Labs, especially on well-recorded, DSD SACDs, sounds closer to a master tape (and having heard 24 bit 88khx masters on my system last week, I am pretty certain about this comparison) than normal digital playback. I have not yet sold the Forsell/AL, because I really do like its sound on CD; I'm still using both of the digital setups, and enjoying them both. That should tell you a bit about how good the Audio Logic is.
Rcprince, Did you purchase the EMM combo? It will be interesting to hear what happens when you run the EMM DAC
on the Forsell transport and the AL on the EMM transport.
Are you using the same power cords and digital cable on them? The last time I talked to Jerry about the upgrade,
he said that he thought it may cost about a thousand but hasn't worked out the best (most cost effective) upgrade yet. He may have decided that there is more money in selling new 34MXL's than upgrading 24MXL's. Can't blame him, it is a business.


Didn't you have your 24MXL modified by TRL? Also, what happened to the Esoteric X03 combo?
Yes, I did buy the EMM Labs combo--on SACD it is truly stunning. I'll let you know when I switch the digital transports. Right now I still enjoy both of them too much to do any experimenting.
Posbwp555 regards to you. conerning the dac replaced. I recently had the magnificent p03/d03/Gos combo. A fabulous system. I decided to try the metronome kalista transport, and remembering the great Jerry Ozment I purchased the latest audiologic 34mxl also magnificent but different as tube tech goes. the Esoteric was very dynamic, precise and musical but could sometime come of as a tad analytical and maybe a tad dry.I suspect that a very good tube pre could alleviate that perception. At the time I was using that excellent Music first audio tvc based passive. The audiologic is wetter and very musical and competes with cost no object dac's. This craft and pursuit never ends, and that is what makes it so much fun. We are big boy's playing with big toy's If we get to serious then it is time to pursue other endevors.Btw I have a new toy coming today, tha accustic arts dac-4. Wow! I wonder how that will perform with, THE KALISTA. CHEERS
Audioezra, How about an update. Which digital combo do you like best? Are you keeping them all???

Unfortunately Jerry passed away in August 2010.
He was a really nice guy.
He was a genius when it came to audio equipment.
I have his 2400 tube dac.