Audio Logic 24mxl 1st impressions/questions

I have had this DAC for 3 days. So far it has been very enjoyable. It is being used with an older Sony 5 disk DVD player, a First Sound Presence Deluxe MKII preamp, a Bryston 4B SST loaner (VTL MB-450 sigs are in for repair) and Merlin Mil. speakers.

Compared to the Cary 308-T that I sold, the first thing I noticed is that the AL is very dynamic. In this respect, it reminds me of a friends Naim CDS2. It is very engaging. Also, I am hearing bass that I have never before heard from my Merlins. This is most welcome. I have found some instruments a bit strident - especially the trumpet. I suspect this is the Bryston's contribution. Also, the ambiance can seem opaque.

I realize that I need a better transport and have been considering one of the Accustic Arts Drive Ones or the CEC TL1s listed here.

If any of you can direct me to one of these or another that I have not mentioned that would be great. Also, recommendations for a digital cable and power cord would also be appreciated. By the way, I am planning on ordering some Siemens CCAs or cryoed Telefunkens.

Thank you for any thoughts you may have.
A transport such as a CEC would be a wise choice (TL-1X or 2X) different tubes (like you mentioned) and possibly a good balanced digital cable like a Kimber Orchid.
The Omega Mikros {DIG,PCs} work extremely well with this unit.I understand that the Brimar tubes are a valuable upgrade over the stock tubes.Happy listening.
I second the Kimber Orchid recommendation
Thanks for the good suggestions, guys. I will keep looking for the CEC TL1x . For the digital cable, I will try the Orchid, the Jena, and maybe the Virtual Dynamics. The Omega Mikro seems too fragile for me.
You might try the "original" Omega Mikro dc biased,fabric-jacketed version.They have been available for $250 ,here on AudioGon.Or possibly the twin tubed Ebony,much like using a coat hanger.Be sure that the Ebony twin tubed cable does not have the Cardas RCAs,the OM silver RCAs sound much better and were lessproblematic.
Telefunkens and Siemens were analytical and thin sounding for my tastes. I preferred Mullard. You may want to spend your money on either the Tele and Siemens and the other money on the Mullards so you have more of a sonic swing to choose from. I find the Tele and Seimens similar. The transport that works well with my AudioLogic is a CEC TL-1X. I have settled on Ridge Street Audio digital cables after trying most everything out there. I find that I am using the balanced cable over the single ended cable 95% of the time.
Deano, thanks for the ideas. What is the rest of your gear? I am curious if you have other tubes. Also, which Mullards are you using? I tried some CV4024s in my amps and liked them (although, I ended up with Telefunkens because the lower end sounded end sounded softer and less tight in comp..) I will add the Ridge St. to my list.
I also have been considering picking up this DAC...and matching it with a Accustic Arts Drive One.

Has anyone tried this combination?