audio innovations series 500, 700, 1000 valve amps

anyone here had any experience with these valve amplifiers?
I have owned two S500s and they just might be the best amps that I have owned in that price range (less than $350 each, used). If you can get by with only 25 watts, I can't imagine that you wouldn't be pleased unless your speakers are completely wrong for the amp. I used them with everything from Magnepan MMGs and Proac 1S (lower volume in a small room) to larger Axioms and BG X-3s at full power. Man, I wish I still had one.
I have until recently owned and used 2 Audio Innovations 800 mk III power amps (EL34 O/P tubes). Very nice open and detailed amps which are very load tolerant and have a lot more drive than their 25 Watts would have you believe. One excellent upgrade (I did this to one amp) is to buy the Border Patrol outboard power supply, which is a choke regulated P/S unit, which further increases the lovability of the very under rated amps. Ones to look out for are the L2 pre and the P2 phono amps as well as the power amps with the EL34 tubes, all lend them selfs to compenent upgrade if you so desire. But are still excellent in an untouch state, they can still be bought for very reasonable money.
Just taken out and pluged in my 1000 Series 2 mono amps with the matching passive pre amp. I must say it still sounds very good even after 10+ years (at least) stuck in a cupboard.