Audio in NC

Can any of you guys suggest nice brick-and-mortar shops in Raleigh/Durham, NC?
Moon Audio(Drew Baird) is D BEST. Great dude to deal with!
Audio Advice on Glenwood ave is overoverpriced and no deals cut. I'd go there for service man Steve that may do an exellent repair job for you.
If you're up for the drive, look into Goldprint Audio in Oak Ridge (Greensboro area). Taylor and Stacie are top rate and the service I've received thus far has been exemplary.
If you're up for the drive, pay Goldprint Audio a visit just outside of Greensboro in Oak Ridge. The service I've received from Taylor and Stacey have been nothing short of top notch.

having a great time here in NC. I wanted to extend this thread to inculde great vinyl/cd shops as well.

A shout-out to CD Alley in Chapel Hill -ask for Ryan.
I run one(and disclaim so) in 508 St Mary's St, "The Record Krate".
Entrance is either from St. Mary's st or W.Johnson down to the parking lot and you'll see sandwich signs.
Thank You! Jim-

which brands are represented by Joe @ Audio Exchange?
I will visit him the next time I am in town. Happy Listening!
He carries Krell, Esoteric/Teac, Focal, Genesis, Coda, Cambridge Audio, Audio Magic, Marantz and more I'm sure I've forgotten.

He was a Pass Labs dealer, but I don't think he is anymore.

Very knowledgable guy.
Thank You! Jim.

I will certainly check him out the next time I am visiting NC.

What gear did you buy from him? What gear is in your system?
Happy Listening!
Hi Jafany

Over the years I've purchased primarily high end car audio gear, as he also sells that. It's the only place I know of within several hours which sells true high end car audio.

For the home I've purchased an RBH sub from him (which I no longer have), Audio Magic cabling (which I still use), and recently had him repair my Esoteric disc player, I'm sure I'm forgetting more but I've know him since I was a college student down the street at NCSU.

My system:

Aerial 10T speakers
Mark Levinson 326s preamp
Parasound JC1 monoblock amps
Esoteric DV-50 universal SACD/DVD-A source
Audio Magic/Audio Quest cabling

Micromega MyDac USB DAC
MAC server
Very nice! Jim.

I like the DV-50 for SACD playing as well. It is good to know that Joe can repair Esoteric gear. Many Thanks! for the tip on Joe and his operation. Happy Listening!