Audio in Movies and TV Shows

Was watching the show Shrinking last night.  Typically in shows and movies there isn't even an attempt at displaying audio equipment.  There was a scene where Harrison Ford was dancing with his daughter and noticed what appeared to be some JBL 4311's.  Paying some homage to a great speaker.  Once noticed, I couldn't stop noticing.  My wife feels I was totally nerding out. 


Started me thinking, what other shows have decent to excellent hi-fi featured?  Obviously High Fidelity but there has got to be more. 


The sit-com 30 Rock features the big Revels with a stack of Levinson gear in the dressing room of one of the characters. I believe they start showing up in season three.





Or Jack Nicholson's character in "As Good As It Gets".

A very good movie by the way.

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Apparently Tom Cruise helped Jimmy Fallon with this setup.

Not sure why it looks like he is in a boat. Unseen speakers are Magicos.