Audio in HDMI Output

Just a general question...

If digital processing is performed on the audio of the HDMI input (via speaker setup including EQ), is this processed digital audio included in the HDMI output? Or does the HDMI output contain the HDMI input's audio?
Your question is unclear. From where to where is the HDMI cable going?
Sorry about that. Assume the following connections using HDMI cables.

Blu-ray -> AV pre/pro -> TV

Assuming digital processing is being done on the audio in the AV pre/pro, is that processed audio incorporated into the HDMI output of the AV pre/pro?
My assumed answer is no for audio. My rationale for that answer is that in general, your TVs do not have multichannel capabilities and need to down mix to 2.0. Additionally, any processing like room correction is specific to external speakers and gets processed via the non-HDMI outputs of the pre-pro to the amplifier section.

I would think that the HDMI signal gets passed on unadulterated. If you have video processing on the pre-pro, then that's a different story obviously.
Thanks, that's what I was thinking as well -- HDMI output audio is the same as the HDMI input audio.