Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier

Anyone famaliar with the manufacturer,and in particular
this pre amp.The credentials and testimonials seem
impressive.The advertised 10 day audition is appealing.
Yup, I have those also. I like the Amperex, Bugle Boy's better as an FYI!

Okay... I'm in.

I confess: I'm the mystery "new member" of the Audio Horizons club. It fell to me to audition the incredible TP 2.0 MK2.

Actually, after dealing with an amp repair issue for over a month, I finally had a chance to listen to Joseph's TP 2.0n preamp.

It only took two days - one great listening session - to know that it was a slam-dunk for the TP 2.0n. A high WAF for the sonic improvement sealed the deal. The heck with the other 28 days of auditioning... I've sent my check in already.

I started with Joseph's stock EH tubes. A good friend who also owns a TP 2.0 was "kind" enough to let me try a very nice set of Amperex PQ 6922s. "Kind," in that I just HAD to have those tubes, boosting the overall layout for the pre.

No big deal at all. This things sings!

I'm running an Resolution Audio Opus 21 CDP, the TP 2.0n on Walker Valid Points, Spectron Musician II Class-D amp, Magnepan 3.3/R speakers with MYE stands. Joseph's Transparency powers the TP, with a mix of Lab 1, Synergistic, and DCCA PCs. Speaker cables are remote-sense from DH Labs.

Thanks to all on this thread. This discussion is what made me want to try the TP 2.0, even though I already had a VERY capable pre-amp.

Rob, welcome to this thread and tothe club. Curious - did you reverse your speaker leads???

>> Curious - did you reverse your speaker leads???

As I understand it, I don't have to. According to Spectron, the remote sense cables take care of that.

Of course, I'm going to try it to see if there's any difference.