Audio Horizons TD 3.1 DAC ... Has Anyone Heard It?

Has anyone out there heard this DAC? Any comments or comparisons would be greatly appreciated.
Use to own one before it was stolen in a home burglary. Mine was second from top of the line in terms of options. It had a slightly laid-back presentation with deep sound stage. A tad on the dark side but that was probably due to the type of tubes being used at the time. Very musical and quite nice.

Sorry to hear about the burglary. Where I live we use razor wire around the property -- does the trick. Thanks for your comments. Tube rolling makes a huge difference in the TP 2.3. I imagine the same applies to the TD 3.1.
The stock (I believe Russian tubes)are horrible. I switched to a vintage Mullard tube made in Holland. No comparison. So much better. Vic and Joseph are great guys to work with but there are just so many new DACs and associated technology out there these days its hard to decide what to buy. I'm temporarily using an Oppo 105 as a USB DAC and preamp. Very nice and 1/4 the price of the AH unit.

Thanks for letting me know about the tubes.

What DAC options are you looking at now?
I have the AH dac 3.1svt very ver very quiet nd loads of micro detail , very very transparent , I had the mbl dac , blue circle dac 501ob , sugden , and femto calyx demo , but all couldn't match the smothness and transparency of. The Ah 3,1svt

Thanks very much for this useful information.