Audio Horizons dac 3.0 or Bel Canto dac 3

Any opinions on either one of these dacs I would be using with an older Goldmund Mimesis 39 transport and Krell preamp and power amp and Wilson Sophia Ones listen to pop rock/jazz/and classical and I am using a sub with the Sophias? Both are balanced in and out.
I dont know the AH3.I bought the Bel Canto a couple months ago and it is a fine unit for the money I feel.....good luck,Bob
I'm sorry I missed your post, which is now nearly a month old. I've attached a web address of a TD 3.0 review. I own a TD 3.0.

I've listened to the TD 3.0 through Sophia 1s and found it to be excellent. Although I've heard the Bel Canto DAC only under audio show conditions, it imparted a distinctly warmer sound to the music than the TD 3.0 does.

Considering the Krell amplifiers and the Sophia speakers, I suggest you test the Audio Horizons DAC. I think you will find it to be a better match for your system.
have listened to both extensively the AH DAC VERY VERY QUIET , YOU ARE ABLE TO HEAR A LOT MORE MICROdetail over the bel canto , found the bel canto good , but dry ,