Audio Horizon Preamp

I've read glowing reviews from anonymous users about the audio horizon preamp. Unfortunately, we all know that some of these reviews may not even be real. Does anyone know if there are any audio publications that have tried this preamp. Surely, a preamp that's outperforming preamps at three times it's price should be drawing the attention of Stereophile and the like. Don't you think?
Kensetsu, you post a photo of your preamp and I'll post a photo of mine. Does that sound fair to you? Paranoia is a scary thing, isn't it. And remember, just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean everyone's out to get you. There's a nice photo of Joseph's preamp in his ad. Mine looks exactly the same. Mine also has the silver face, but you can get it in black as well. If I were you, I'd buy a vintage Mac C-22. That's what Jaybo has. I also highly recommend any of the preamps that Stereophile and Absolute Sound recommends(tounge-in-cheek)I also agree with Tvad in that this is all becoming a waste of bandwidth. I normally wouldn't respond, but Trolls do get under my skin sometimes. Oh, well. My gain, your loss Kensetsu. Your thought for the day: Strive to be happy.

This is getting old fast, try the preamp to satisfy you or your friends skepticism or curiosity,
it's that easy, really.

There's nothing to prove "validity" by posting pictures with serial numbers, that's ridiculous.

Nobody here is palsy-walsy or neighbors with Joseph or Victor.

Call them, maybe they can supply you with sales figures.
(they might want to know if you're an auditor)

Kensetsu, you started this thread, so don't bury yourself with humility and embarassment, ride it through or walk away, it makes you look silly.
I'd love to post a pic of my TP 2.0, but I'm out of the house on business right now and can't do it before the weekend.

Kensetsu, my first reply was more polite than I'm inclined at this point. What are you doing, looking to stir things up 'cause your day is boring? Your "skepticism" is not an attribute of living in NYC; it's an attribute of your personality. You don't have to try the preamp. If you're not thinking about an audition and are not looking to upgrade, then why would you be so concerned about this thread?

Why all the unbridled enthusiasm about A-H gear? In my opinion, it's just a tremendous unit and represents the best upgrade I've ever done. Plain and simple as that.


I do not work for, nor do I represent Audio Horizons. I just like the TP 2.0
I can understand your fears. I once got sucked into another thread for a linestage. I found out that there was nothing special at all about it. I even visited the designer to find out for sure and was completely underwhelmed. Many of the people on this thread have been around for quite a long time. In fact, I almost bought Grannyring's Supertek Syrah about three years ago. I remember him writing that he like his CJ preamp more which led to him selling the Supratek. I currently still own a Supratek Chenin but have been reading this thread and others about the new Melody preamp from China with interest. People listen very differntly when it comes to audio. You can only decide with your own ears in your own system what sounds good to you. Thank goodness that the Supratek Chenin worked out! Best of luck. Bob
03-07-07: Kensetsu
Wow!!! those are quick responses. How about this. What is everyone that claims to own one, posts a picture on this website showing the serial number on the back!!!

How about this? You bite me!!!

Who has to prove anything to you? Who do you think you are???
You've already shown that you have zero intestinal fortitude. If you refuse to grow a set of balls and use the free trial method, then quit your belly aching and go buy a preamp that Stereophile says you will like already.
Talk about wasting time. I've had three preamps in my system since you started this thread. Why all the whining and no buying?

BECAUSE!!!!!!! I've received several emails from people agreeing with my viewpoint. To date.... EIGHT!!! that just haven't felt like wasting the time to post.

How about you posting photos of these alledged e-mails. All this says is that you *may* have other cowards that share your ignorant, gutless viewpoint.

03-07-07: Kensetsu
By the way, does anyone think that it's odd that people sign on to audiogon eveyday to search threads for the words audio horizon? Hmmn?

This just shows your ignorance, on top of your lack of intestinal fortitude. We don't search for Audio Horizons in the threads, we just go to 'My Page' and view 'My Threads' to show who has replied to threads we are currently involved in. Sheesh, newbies. When you compound your gutlessness with your ignorance, you are really giving New Yorkers a bad name.

From reading this thread, it appears that you are the one with an agenda. What manufacturer do you represent, that your trying to discredit Audio Horizons? Or are you really just as stupid as you appear?


Amen to that brother. You should have left it up yesterday.
Don't you just love it when some of these audioreview rejects discover AudiogoN?