Audio Harmony TWO Review

Thanks Tabl10s for your post on 09-15-00 regarding my product. I would appreciate it if you could expand on the improvements over the HRS that you heard. So many times consumers are made false promises from manufactuer's and reviewer's that they remain skeptical about new products. The myth that adding anything additional to the audio chain can only degrade the sonics isn't exactly true. The key to why my products improve the sonics is in how they produce harmonic distortion, or more correctly stated, the types of distortion products(odd or even harmonics)present in the audio signal. Instead, I ask all you audiophiles to keep an open mind, and listen to my products and let your ears be the judge. For the record, I am also the original designer of the HRS, but business arrangements fell through and the manufactuer went with another design. Happy Listening!
Bmj, When will your new reference quality pieces become available that are alluded to on your site? What improvements were made over the regular Harmony 2?
Dolphin, I am currently working on the Harmony TWO Signature prototype. It will feature an improved circuit design and top of the line parts. My standard Audio Harmony line is designed to provide tremendous sonic performance vs price ratio. Signature is a cost no object design approach which has to better the current standard line product performance in all areas. Happy Listening!