Audio Grade fuses

I dont know much about the fuses, so I need a little help.
I have been reading a lot about the Isoclean audio grade fuses, so I looked at my Myryad amp fuses which says "T3. 15A" But I couldnt find the same number on the Isoclean fuse website.

All they have are Sizes: 5 x 20mm (.2" x .79") 1A, 1.6A, 2A, 2.5A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6.3A, 8A, 10A...But my original fuses are also in 5x20mm, but it is rated at 15A, so would I be able to replace them with the Isoclean?
i personally wouldn't waste my money on audiophile fuses, but they're cheap enough to give a try if you're really interested,
Not much point in having a 15 amp fuse on a 15 amp line, is there? Hard to tell what the Myryad amp fuse really is from your description.
I turned a friend on to these fuses and he has called me three times to thank me. He has a Wadia 861se w/GNSC mod/Spectral/Eidolon/MIT system. I'm now trying to turn him onto Critical Mass stands.
I'd call them but I believe that's a 3 Amp fuse.

Bob Wood
Wires are now being bused too much for their snake oil hype.
Now's the time for fuses.
Isoclean does indeed have a 15 amp fuse in standard fuse size. I am a firm believer in what these can do to a power amp or a pre-amp. I have bought 4 so far.The last fuse the 15 amp one is going to go in a Foundation Research LC2 line conditioner/power chord that goes to my pre-amp.I have another stock fused LC2 that I will switch in and out and see if my panel of experts can hear a difference when used in this manner.In an amp there is a difference and if you can't hear the difference the fuse makes in your power amp then don't bother changing anything else in your system as I doubt you would hear a difference with any other new components.
Paul McGowan uses them in his latest creations.
Finally I found out that T3. 15A is a slow burn 3.15a fuse which is 220v. the Isoclean does not have the 3.15a though.
You should use the 4A fuse, because audiophile fuses will blow a little sooner than their official rating.
"You should use the 4A fuse, because audiophile fuses will blow a little sooner than their official rating."

Would it be okay to use a different rate? I dont have any knowledge about this at all...:)
I use the 3 amp Isoclean fuse in my Fisher 500C receiver which originally had a 3.25 Amp fuse.
I recommend a 3 amp fuse, not a 4 amp, where the original value is 3.25 amp. It is prudent to err on the conservative side.
To the naysayers: Don't judge a product until you've tried it. The new ceramic fuses from Germany are a significant upgrade. The improvement is very similar to replacing your stock wall sockets to the after market high end wall sockets. We're not talking subtle improvements here at all. You will experience a much lower noise floor and the resultant advantages of that.