Audio grade 30 amp plugs/connectors?

Does anyone know of any audio grade 30 amp plugs/connectors? I am building a new dedicated sound room and my plan is to run one 30 amp circuit from the new dedicated 60 amp sub panel to one outlet. Then plug one power distribution strip like a Furutech or Oyaide into that one 30 amp outlet and plug all of my components into the strip. Can this be done? Does anyone know of a supplier that would have "audio grade" connectors for this application?

Thanks to all.

There are 30 amp 120 Volt AC sockets designed for home use, but that's an complicated way to reach your goal.

I read your other post here, asking about dedicated circuits. A search of forums here at Audiogon contains a wealth of information on the topic. My own opinion, keep all circuits on the same AC phase and run as many dedicated 20 amp runs as you can justify.

My choice of in wall wiring is Romex clad solid core copper, 12 or 10 gauge with ground. 20 amp outlet of your choice and preferably in plastic boxes if that meets code in your city.

I wish you good luck with your upgrade.
Thanks Albert.

I'm planning to run your outlets, or outlet, as the case may be.

I am only going to run one circuit/outlet for all my two channel. I will then run another circuit/outlet for the video stuff. They will be run on opposite phases, I guess, to balance the power.

Thanks for your help
If only one circuit request 10 gauge Romex (not 12), and if you can, use a plastic box that holds at least two and preferably 3 or 4 outlets so you have a place for every plug.

A larger multi gang (wall) box capable of holding additional outlets is smart, in case you add equipment. If you don't require additional outlets right now, fill the extra openings with a blank wall plate for about a buck.

There is essentially no difference in price between a single, double or multiple outlet gang box.

If your installing multiple outlets in one larger gang box, the electrician may allow a 30 amp breaker so it can support multiple 20 amp plugs. Then again, it may be against code. He can tell you what's legal and safe.

Again, best of luck with the project, dedicated electrical line are a marvelous bang for the buck improvement.
That's a great idea Albert! - justifing the 30 amp circuit with multiple plugs. That may work. I was originally thinking I would run a power distribution strip (Furutech, Oyaide, etc...) which are all rated at 15 - 20 amps and supply the strip with 30 amps. But maybe the multiple plugs is better. That way I don't need to introduce the 30 amp plug. It'll be cheaper, for sure, which is good. Thanks for that Albert. That's another way to look at it.

As far as I know, it's not permissible by electrical code to use 30A breaker with 15A or 20A receptacles; no matter how many of them are connected to the circuit.