audio Gd dac 19 Df vs beresford TC 7520

I was wondering if anybody had a chance to compare those two?
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Yes! the Audio GD blows it away! Dont judge the audio GD equipment based on a price basis or you will just be wasting time as all the Audio-GD stuff is way under priced. There 1000$ Preamp beat out my Mark Levinson at 18,000$ so I sold the Levinson and bought all Audio GD with it. And the Audio GD can have the sound changed by buying extra modules for less than 50$ and change the sound to any sound you can imagine like marantz, Levinson, Musical Fi, so even if you get a new piece you dont have to get more pieces to match it you can just change the plugin modules and viola!And BTW the man who builds all Audio GD won best new circuit design not to long ago.This is Just my informed opinion.