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I have a nice int. amp and speakers. (Music Fidelity A-5 and Gallo 3.10). Two channel. I want to include a tv in the chain. As I like to listen some of the audio channels, vh1 etc. offered by comcast do I need a dac anywhere in the chain for the cable box?

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No, you don't need a DAC for 2-channel. You can simply run the left and right channel audio outputs to the stereo inputs of an amplifier. I don't think you'd even need a preamp because the cable boxes have a volume control.

If you want to go multi-channel then you take the SPDIF digital output from the cable box and run it into the digital audio input of a surround processor or multi-channel receiver.

On the back of this particular set ( 2008 Samsung ln32a650a ) there are audio outs (rca) which I assume are coax? and a single digital audio out (optical). Which do you suggest. jj
Avoid the audio outputs from the TV. If you can go directly from the cable box to the stereo it will sound much better. The TV will just add unwanted noise.
By the way, don't expect the cable music to sound anywhere nearly as good as a cd. This is compressed music.
Yep. Again, more compressed digital content = lower musical fidelity!
Even with Ipods, we have moved to convenience, and away from ultimate sound quality!
I think people don't really care, in- mass, about soundquality. they'd rather have convenience.
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How do you go from the cable box to the stereo? Which connections do you use? How do you include the tv in this scenario? jj
On my brighthouse box , the cable will carry the video and audio to the TV . The left and right audio out , from the back of the cable box , then goes to my integrated amp .

Also the "CD quality " music only channels sound better than the VH1 , MTV and CMT music channels . Trade off , no video ! There is always a trade off .

Good luck .

So an hdmi cable is not needed. Just the coax cable (cable feed to cable box, cable box to tv. And then rca's from cable box to amp. Right? jj

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I would strongly recommend taking the digital out (optical = toslink) to a digital in on your HTR if available. It will be much better than the audio out. The cable box has very cheap DAC.

The Musical Fidelity doesn't have a digital out so I'll have to use audio out. So, as I had queried earlier in this thread, should I use a dac?

Thank-you for all the insight. I have a better understanding now and it does seem that a dac is necessary. Correct?