Audio Friends Don't Let Audio Friends ...

Your fellow audiophile who always had a system you enjoyed

makes a significant change in gear. You find it to be a major

downgrade in SQ in one way or another.


You know the person does not have a trial period covering the new purchase. 



Do you tell them exactly how you feel about the change

or simply smile thinking- everyone hears differently so 

you should not provide a true statement of your feelings?


How have you treated this situation in the past?




It is a ticklish situation. I agree about not popping balloons.

Calz lays it out in a way I agree with. 

Pedro proposes another aspect I had not considered but

it quite valid. 

Nome- I do not follow your statement. Can you rephrase it for me?



Sometimes it isn't so much what you say but how you say it. Honesty with a dash of kindness and humility can go a long way. Say what you think but be helpful. 4krowme I can certainly feel your pain. I live in the ruralest of the rural Oregon and audiophile is AC/DC on the boom box. Stay strong my brother. This site has put me in contact with some awesome folks.

Chorus how you doing looks like spring has finally come to the valley, shorts and a tee shirt today. If Its my opinion that he’s done the wrong thing I prefer to keep my mouth shut after all he’s the one who laid out hard cash and he’s the one who’s got to listen to it, if he likes it who am I say he made a mistake. I try to keep my opinions to myself unless it’s so obvious like bass traps behind speakers. 😁

If you are a true friend, you respond as a friend. You are honest, respectful, and acknowledge you may hear things differently.  Our ears are all different. That's why there is so much equipment designed for different environments and financial situations..  His may be different from yours; doesnt mean you're right or wrong. Doesnt mean he is right,,,or wrong [even though you/he may be😏].  Respect your differences, share your experiences and opinions, and have a couple beers 😉  Enjoy!

It's a difficult query to reply to: "So, how does that sound?"

It's comes down to situation and any sort of familiarity with what you've been presented.....the room, the level of equipment, and what was just played.

"Sounds good..." is the soul of basic diplomacy. :)
Beyond that: Smooth road with pitchforks, ;)

Tread careful, J