Audio Experience Phono

Has anyone heard the Audio Experience Concerto phono preamp? It's a tube unit full chassis size that looks to compete with the $500 to $1000 phono preamps any thoughts from anybody.
I haven't heard it, but I've read a couple of user reviews, in which they stated that they liked it quite alot. It is very hard to get any tube phono section at the price he is selling his at, so it may be worth a try. If you get it, please post your impressions, so we can all get a better idea how this piece stacks up against the competition.
I often spot these units on ebay auctions. It has a good parts and seems to be a good design. The seller/manufacturer(from oriental Asia?) is even providing a warranty. It's certainly not a large manufacturer and he's realy more like a hobbyist so today you've got this warranty but tomorrow you might not. I'd suggest asking a circuit diagram for this unit before you acquire it in case you'll need to deliver it to a technician.