Audio Experience Concerto

I have seen a number of ads for this phono stage and they seem interesting. Do any of you have any experience with this unit? Good - bad? I am looking for a decent pre for under $1000. My tt is a VPI Scout, cart- Benz Glider HO, pre- BAT VK31SE.

Any input would be appreciated.

Hi Jeff,
I bought a AE Concerto about a year ago on ebay
for $450, delivery included. What I first noticed was a
HUGE soundstage, smooth and sweet, definately on the warm
side, yet still had detail. This warmth may not appeal to everyone, but avoids that edgy, clinical, thin solid state sound. Not the last word in resolution, but still has detail, and satisfying to me, regardless of its low price point. Of course, you can do better...just depends where you
draw the line dollar-wise.
I am using Music Hall MMF-5, and apparently the glass platter gives it (the MMF-5) a rather lightweight bass response...have not tried another TT; eventually will.
As far as the Concerto goes, it has run without problem for about a year now. Nice build quality, but definately not overbuilt. Changing tubes to experiment, I did have a hard time puting the sheet metal cover back on, as holes were ever so slightly off. Has removeable power cord, should be upgraded in my opinion...seemed to help mine out. Packed very well, very fast shipping(maybe 5 days to my door).
High enjoyment factor for me, as I was not ready to spend big bucks on a phono stage, and feel I got a very nice deal at $450 shipped. Probably not for high rollers, but should be on the short list for bargain hunters. Good luck.....
Frank C.
I have purchased the YS SOLO head amp from the same manufacturer. With an upgraded tube, it is the best bargain in Hi FI for MC cartridges, the sound quality is very very good.