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Looking for someone that has some history with the Chinese brand Audio Experience, more specifically the A2E. I have a Theta Miles CD transport, a CB3 with superior boards, 2 Krell KMA 160 monoblocks and a pair of Wilson Maxx II's. I'm looking for a warmer sound and thought a nice tube preamp may be just what I need. I realize the preamp mentioned doesn't exactly match the quality of my other components, but I want to ease into the tube thing slowly if at all. I've been told I may want a "Hybrid" preamp to keep up with my krells. I'm also gonna dust off my old Pioneer PL-71 turntable, so I will need a phono stage eventually and off course a new cartridge to replace my Shure V-15 series III. I've been told a stylus is no longer available for it(??) Any comments?
I bought one a wile back. Pretty much you get what you pay for, cheap in this case.The preamp passed so much DC it tripped my power amp. The guy really did not to refund my money. You don't want one of these...
I have a Symphonies Ver2 that I am very happy with ,it has worked well with two amps so far. There has also been quite a few members of the gon who have posted positive reviews. I would highly recommend it.
I have always been told that Krell and tube preamps are very hard to match because of the impedance differences.
The AudioSymphonies gear especially if you buy it from China is a high risk item. Consumers should note that buying any gear from China is risky because most of their products power supplies don't meet U.S. requirements. I owned one and I had to have the power supply rebuilt. It is warm sounding (very colored) but does not have the resolution of say a better made Hybrid preamp. For example the VanAlstine is a pretty good sounding preamp and blows everthing I have heard from China away below the $4,000 mark. I own a much older VanAlstine Super PAS 3si. But I'm using all tube gear and it is very resolving. I don't want to say all Chinese gear but, I'm speaking of items without a distributor in the U.S.

Check out the Absolute Sounds review of the Dussan 99 (I think is the model) integrated amp. They talk about the same issue. There is huge difference in sound quality if the power supply is not implemented correctly.
That's just my 2 cents worth.

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Dear Handymann.

Please see following link , there have some BALANCED A2-SE owner:

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Chui Chi Wai.
I recently picked up a 'pre loved' Audio Experience A2 SE and think it is a remarkable product for very little cash. My previous tubed preamp was single ended only so for a small outlay I thought I'd insert the A2 SE in my system and make use of the balanced inputs/outputs on my Chord DAC64 & Gamut D200 for the first time since I'd owned them. My reasoning was that if it sounded worse I'd sell it on and maintain the status quo but if it performed similarly to my existing (and more expensive!) pre, then I'd keep it, sell the incumbent and pocket the difference thank you very much.
I don't know how much of the leap in performance is down to now running my other components from their XLRs rather than RCA connections and how much is attributable to synergy and the Audio Experience A2 SE itself but MY system has never sounded so good. The soundstage has broadened and deepened, detailing is all as it should be and I'm finding that it responds to some tube rolling should you wish to go down that route. Usefully for your monoblocks it also has two ouputs.
Build quality is good but you won't mistake it for a Krell etc. and though it may be the cheapest component in my system, it is certainly not outclassed sonically. I have owned preamps that cost 3 and 4 times what this sells for and none of them gave me this much pleasure.
In a nutshell then I'm really enjoying mine and think its an absolute steal even at the full retail price...I'm certainly keeping mine for the foreseeable.

I should qualify the above by saying that the guy I bought it off thought it sounded better when using the balanced connections, as this is all I have used I couldn't comment on the single ended operation.

Thanks for getting back to me. I wanted to ask what kind of tubes you are running in your A2? How long do you let it warm up, guess you don't know how long it took to break-in, but have you noticed an improvement in performance since you've had it (how long have you had it?), or has it "leveled" out. Also, how long do your tubes last, or have you had it long enough to know? I would like to know anything else you can tell me. Guess you can see all the different opinions of the A2-SE. It's very interesting. I'm really leaning toward this purchase and glad to see a positive comment. "Nelson" Kwi Chang Kane or what ever his name is (the owner of YS Audio) says the SE's components are much better than the standard A2, but it is $500 more. Thanks
By the way, "Nelson" was very patient and informative. He e-mailed me direct and was very cordial. It's good to talk with someone who really believes in their product. I look forward to doing business with him if i make the plunge.
My A2 SE was about a year old when I acquired it so both it and the stock valves were already well run in by the time I got my hands on it. The previous owner told me he hadn't changed the valves and they were still performing nicely so that's about all I can offer you in terms of tube longevity as I have no idea how frequently he used it.

I have now had it for a couple of months and have swapped out the 12AT7s for new old stock CV4024s and the 5687WBs for a pair of NOS Mullard E182CCs. I rolled the CV4024 tubes in first and felt initially this robbed a bit of frequency extension from both ends and led to a flattening of the soundstage. This all came back though after a couple of weeks of use (maybe 30 hours or so) but I found the pair of E182CCs made a more profound improvement to the already excellent presentation. I was hearing things on tracks I had never heard before, separation of instruments was better defined and the soundstage increased by a couple of feet in all directions. If it makes sense, it just made everything sound more "real". The only caveat is that with the Mullards, you can't fit the tube shields back on due to the extra height of the valves but that's no problem...I just left them off.
I'm very happy with the current tube compliment but even the stock tubes impressed me enough to decide to keep this over my Rogue 99 Magnum, that and the flexibilty offered by the balanced inputs/outputs.

Now I should at this point declare that I'll never...ever...ever make it as a hifi reviewer because I'd struggle to compose 1000 words of copy that details a specific sonic landscape...well, that and perhaps more pertinently the fact that I still perceive electricity and all it does as sorcery...not a clue as to how any of it works. So with absolutely no credentials I'll try and address your emailed queries in my own inimitable way...

I'm not sure that I'd describe it as "fast", particularly if you are used to solid state preamps. My last Chord preamp gave a much more upfront presentation that on first listening sounded detailed and 'fast'(?) and I thought it was great at the time. It was only when I heard a valve pre for the first time in my system that I realised just how artificial the solid state experience had been. Because with valves the music seems to flow from the speakers rather than being etched into the sound stage, superficially they can sound softer and perhaps slower. However after a while I realised that this wasn't the case at all. In fact leading edges and transients were improved and I can only liken it to (perhaps unsurprisingly) the differences you'll hear in listening to a decent vinyl rig and a similarly priced digital front end. I have to admit that it took some getting used to but I wouldn't go back to a solid state pre. That was the difference I got with the Rogue and the A2 SE has just taken that and considerably improved upon it.
I am not really a bass fiend and my system is in a small room that can misbehave down low so I have to be careful with bass. My NorthCreek Pegasus speakers are closer to the back wall than I would like and so I have the ports stuffed and run a powered sub to better control the bass output so this probably disqualifies me from stating whether it has a great bottom end or not. I personally like it, I find it detailed and tuneful but how much of it is down to the pre in itself I couldn't possibly say.
My experience with tube rolling is admittedly limited but the amp seems to be responsive. If you find you want better defined bass, more treble sparkle or whatever floats your particular boat then you will probably find a combination of valves that will augment this aspect of its delivery and they are relatively inexpensive as valves go. Whether this will be enough for you in absolute terms I can't say but IMO it really is a quality and capable little preamp.
Now I didn't pay $1500 for it as it was second hand, but having lived with it for a couple of months now I certainly would. Something you need to consider though is that the resale value might depress you if you don't like what valves do for you and you find that you want to sell it on. I think it might be worth your while borrowing a valved pre to see if you like what it does in your system because I at least found it a very different experience.
Anyway, I'm keeping mine and don't have any plans to change it for a good while.

I realise that this brand is less well documented than many others but I think that the reviews from people who actually own this product are very favourable...myself included.
There are those who will counsel the avoidance of imported products 'knocked up' by a guy in his shed where servicing (should it exist) will involve a £200 DHL bill and 12 weeks of amplifier deprivation, and in many cases they'd be right. I'd have to say though that in my opinion/experience this isn't one of those products. It doesn't have the solidity or rack presence that you'll get with many high end brands but it mixes it with them where it counts as the sound quality is superb.

Hope this helps.
I forgot to mention that I usually switch it on around 20 minutes or so before I sit down to listen but that is as much for the power amp (Gamut D200) as the pre. I don't leave them powered up all the time and I have found the solid state Gamut needs more time to warm up then the A2.
In an attempt to 'makeover' the amp I have just replaced the knobs with some nice examples from THL Audio. IMO they are a great improvement over the stock aluminium ones and improve its 'rack presence' no end.
I read the rave reviews and picked up a used Symphonies Ver2 about a year ago. It buzzed like crazy. The seller said it was fine before shipping (and I believe him). I did everything within reason to isolate the problem (different tubes, cables, etc.), but couldn't find the problem. The seller agreed to take it back. When he got it, he went through the circuitry with a fine tooth comb and found a broken solder connection. I suppose this can happen during transit, but I've never witnessed it before. I've bought lots of used gear and never had a problem. The result of this incident made me question the quality and construction of Audio Experience gear.
Dear Mingles.

Thank you for you using the Symphonies Ver2.

I noted your unit are USED item and buy from someone. This is main point.
I guess the before owner have did some thing at the unit ( eg: he tried change some parts for change the sound).When,he sell it out, he replace back the original parts to unit, but he solder connection is not good.

My product quality control is very good. Because all product are personally made by me and my father. All product have tested two time , the product completed test first time, the product working about 3 days ,I test they second time.

Thank you.
Nelson Chui

Regarding the YS-Audio Ver2 Per-amp. I am now breaking in this unit. It is matched with a Carver TFM-45, Sherwood NewCastle 980 CD player and a pair of Salk Soundtower speakers. All I've done to the Ver 2 is switch out the tubes, replacing with repro-Mullard. The sound is excellent. The workmanship seems
For an inexpensive introduction to tube gear, I recommend the Audio Experience Ver 2 . Good stuff
Since my entry on 6-7-10, the Ver2 has failed. Am trying to get plans from the maker in China, but haven't heard anything back. Makes me wonder about the workmanship.... maybe a re-affirmation of getting what one pays for......A while back, this particular unit appeared on line with the asking price of a grand. That would have been a bad mistake.
Sorry to hear about your preamp. I've heard pro & con. Good luck on getting it going. Most of my gear is solid state. Did get a Belarri VP 130 as a cheap phono stage. I'm not in to vinyl much, so that's good enough for me at this time. Some still think CD's are not as good as vinyl, but I enjoy them more. Of course, I don't have have near the investment in vinyl as some do. I might change my mind if I heard a top notch record player plugged in to a high-end preamp. Guess that's why they make different types & colors of cars...everyone is different.