Audio Experience 100w monoblocks anyone?

does anybody run these?
$2300 for the pair,...shipping not included. That is A LOT concidering how inexpensive the rest of his gear typicaly is.

but ...
when I ponder what they might sound like..i'm intrigued. After all, how sweet is the Symphonies for $400? Like honey, thats how.
I could only imagine how nice these sound.
so who's going to kick down and test a pair?
I'm coming very close to ordering a pair. They take couple weeks to make. Here's the email I just got:

The output transformer can work for 4 ohm, but I need to set it in the inside of amp. Standard it is set 8 ohm.

Many people are buying this power amp now. And the amp all are build by me and YS- Chui ( my father ). So, I need about 1~2 week build time.


(Nelson) Chui Chi Wai

Note: I have CLS stats, that's the reason for the 4 ohm adjustment. He also said I could have a 30 day trial, and if I didn't like them, he would return $2000 of the purchase price. BTW, shipping IS included for the $2250 purchase price.

One of its attractions is that I have a fully balanced system and there aren't a lot of tube amps that have specifically designed fully balanced circuits as such (BAT and ARC and maybe Lamm) Cary is pseudo balanced. This amp doesn't even accept SE RCAs.

What were you planning to drive with them?

Von Schweikert VR4s.
lmk how they sound..
Nick, I haven't decided to take the plunge yet, but I might. If you go first, please let me know!! Thanx,


Anybody out there in audio-land tried a pair of these yet??

(Seems like a lot 'o bang for the buck, especially with the balanced/xlr input...)