Audio Equipment... the word Cool... and Life

Audio equipment, cars, cloths, sunglasses, speech and hair are all associated with the word "Cool" sometimes. All these material things have nothing to do with cool. "Cool" is a "state of mind" and some people have it and some will never, no matter how much money, expensive audio system they have or how hard they try. Some nuclear physicists and librarians are cool because its in their "state of mind" and some people will never no matter how hard they try. You know the type... think about it! EVEN AUDIOPHILES CAN BE COOL
Bored this morning, huh?
OK, so I'm not cool. I knew that. I've been told that for all my life.

But I'm happy. I enjoy my audiophile hobby affliction. I like learning about equipment, systems, music, recording, the personalities in the industry, etc. I like getting caught up in an upgrade cycle. And I like listening to music.

I'm glad you think that some audiophiles are cool. But I don't need to be cool.
Not trying to toot my own horn but ...

Trend of comments are kind of amusing and kind of "cool".
Zoot, What about you? Are you cool?
Rrog, that would be for others to judge... remember "cool is a state of mind"
I find that people who ruminate and analyze what is and isn't cool are typically challenged in that department although, I must confess, I have never given it any thought! ;)
Cool for myself equates to confidence. Being comfortable with who you are and thankful for what you have earned. Then be it gear to clothes to cars or more, having your own style makes it cool for you.
kool as the flip side of the pillow daddy-o.
Declaring yourself "cool" is definitely uncool!
Ghasley, I'm only a 68 year old uneducated ex-Chicago street punk, who grew up in the schoolyard playing ball and drinking beer. I can spot wannabes that will never get there... 35 years in resturant and bar business (Chicago near Cubs Park).
Glenfihi, you are correct... Rja, read my response to Rrog
Looks like some people don't understand... I drive a Mazda 3 hatchback and "a bum in the park". I knock-off 7-Elevens to supplement my income... but getting old and can't run as fast so cops are going to catch me.
The Coolest people on the planet are the Astrophysicists! IQs off the chart and all have a great sense of humor. And quite a few hot babes. I could listen to them talk forever.
Steve McQueen was cool. So was Paul Newman, Grace Kelly, Kim Novak, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn and others from that time.

Nowadays it's really hard to put the cool label on people as there is so much hype that surrounds them, and hype doesn't go with cool. Everything is too immediate, negating the distance necessary to be cool. Off the top of my head someone like Jeff Bridges (the dude) qualifies as cool. I think one would have to look back at this time frame to figure out who qualifies as cool unless you personally know someone who is cool, and then you really wouldn't notice it.

All the best,
Really? You think they were never caught in an uncompromising position? We're all cool, sometimes. I was in a casino with my son once. He was at the poker table, I was surfing; being about the second time I ever visited one. I came across a table dedicated to an oriental dice game called Sic Bo. A half hour later I was tapping on his shoulder. I told him 'I just won $1800.00'. He looked up at me over his shoulder and said, 'cool'. He would know, being a very good poker player. I then said 'let's get the hell out of here'.

Zoot, btw, which monikers would you classify as cool here on the Gon?
Not saying I am... just it is a "state of mind" and others will be the judge.
I wasn't insinuating, it was a real question.(I suppose a revealing one at that)...don't worry, we can't see you. My pics are...I'll look em up and get back to you.
Csonos, I'm sorry but a handel is just a have to know someone personally to make a judgement like that.
Okay I'm back....EBM, Wolf_Garcia, Swampwalker, Mapman(I wonder if Geoff ever got back to him about what it is he knows that he should forget), Douglas schroeder, Learsfool, Rok2id, Elizabeth...I have to stop for fear I will insult the few not on the list.

BTW Ngjockey, they look cool but actually cylinders exhibit the poorest response characteristics of all the basic shapes..., apparently.
You're wrong. You think someone can keep up a facade long term without slipping up? No one's that smart when that is their intention. Imo, most folks here are displaying their true character as observed over time.
And for that matter, probably truer than they display face to face on a daily basis. A lot less inhibitions here.
02-12-13: Rja
Declaring yourself "cool" is definitely uncool!

BUSTED......damn, this place is no fun. My wife and kids tell me all the time how uncool I am....... now I've been exposed here......sigh.

Well....I still got my padded cell. :)

Oh, you're on the list.
What list?
Don't worry about it. Just be cool.
If you want to see the definition of uncool, show up at a high-end audio show.

Despite all of the behind the keyboard bravado on these discussion forums, the attendees make it look like a convention of people Geritol would be embarrassed to have in their advertisements.
Old is cool. How else could one live so long?
Sure, eventually we're going to be "cold"
Nonoise, you are right-on with all the people you mentioned earlier. My first new car was a 68 fastback mustang like McQueen drove in Bullitt. (forrest green, under $3000.00)
Zot45, you must have been the envy of the neighborhood. I knew this guy at work who was about 10 years my senior and when he was a kid, he and his friends used to watch Steve McQueen work on his cars on his driveway. He even let them sit in them. That was cool.

All the best,
Csontos, that's true about cylinders when the driver is on the end, particularly when centered in a circular baffle. Haven't done enough nearfeild testing to see about the side. Farfeild, I measured the room as much as the speakers. Nothing definative.
My teenage grandkids tell me I'm cool. Who better to judge?
I think that beyond high school, one must ask oneself: Are you as cool as Steve Hoffman? Can I irradiate and beguile others with my magical forum? If the answer is no, then, well...

Oh and one more thing to remember, the next time you see a school bus, pull out your trusty rattle can and paint a proud "Steve Rules!" on the side of it. Trust me. The audiophile chicks will dig it.
Jameswei, (first response)... My observations on the word cool are just that "observations" Much more important is being a good person. "now thats COOL"
Ghasley got it exactly right.
Vsollozzo, Funny!
Many years ago the New York Times ran an article on 'cool'. It outlined how you must always be a 'coolhunter', as it is a state of mind.
Do you mean if you "are" cool, or to "become" such? It just occurred to me while writing this post(like right now) that getting my system sounding like real life has been my yardstick for the last 30+ years. Oh yeah, I got it goin on! No clue if I need sympathy or not... (I can take it):)
what is the importance of being "cool" and what are the consequences of not being "cool" ?

persona;;y, i don't like to be judged and would hope that there people become less jidgmental, so that all of the "adjectives" people may hope apply to them are unimportant because they are based upon the opinion of others.

as a culture, i have noticed that many people value that which is superficial and are other directed rather than inner directed, taking cues from what other people think of them.
I guess with me it's the self recognition that "I'm there";ie: validation? Looks like I really don't care what other people think. Now that can't not be cool, can it? My wife doesn't think it is. Elizabeth, Elizabeth!
Mrtennis, you are very perceptive... it is not important, what is... being a good person, now that's really "cool"
Abucktwoeighty, if you are not cool... you must be disarming I've learned
Can an audiophile BE "cool"? Or are we all nerds by association? :^)
Computer audio = modern cool
Analog (turntable) = truly endless cool!;)

I remember how cool I used to think audio gear was when I'd see it featured in the pages of Playboy during the 60's. Haven't picked up an issue in quite a while, I'd imagine they still feature articles on the gear from time to time, can't be AS cool as it was back than, no way!;)