Audio Envy Studio Prestige Interconnects

I received the Audio Envy Studio Prestige interconnects today and inserted them in my system. The 6 foot pair have gone from the preamp outputs into the JL Audio e110 subwoofer’s inputs (replacing Blue Jeans Cable). The 3 foot pair have gone between a Magnum Dynalab MD-102 tuner and a BAT VK-3i preamplifier (replacing Cardas Quadlink 5C).

These cables are really incredible; I mean that sincerely. Even though they are the same wire, their effect on different components is, well, "different." They address immediately the needs of each piece of equipment, almost as if by telepathy or intuition. Strange, I know, but that’s my conclusion.

Right out of the box, the pair of Studio Prestige going to the subwoofer have provided the significant gravitas that I’ve been looking for in that area. Bass is extremely deep and palapable. I can now enjoy my subwoofer in the way I have always expected. Also right out of the box, the pair of Studio Prestige going from the tuner to the preamp have provided a wonderful, smooth clarity on the top end without shrillness or sibilance. Instruments sound very realistic (being a musician, I know what instruments should sound like), micro-details are substantial, and soundstaging has obvious height, width and depth. These cables are very well made and are solid while being flexible.

Note that these listening conclusions are simply first impressions with only a small amount of time on the cables ... as they break-in, I presume that they will become even better and will furnish more of the goodness that they portray already.

I think Audio Envy has a real winner in the Studio Prestige cables from both a sound and construction perspective.

My other current cables are Cardas Golden Reference (CD player, subwoofer output to power amp, and speaker cables), as well as Cardas Clear power cords, and I’ve been very happy with them to date. They blend very well with the AE cables. However, I’m afraid to order more AE product because it may just better the Cardas in many ways for a lot less money.

I have no affiliation with Audio Envy ... I just wanted to bring to your attention an extremely high quality product from a boutique manufacturer.

Out of the dozens and dozens of cable manufacturers out there, what led you to AE, given that you already use an industry standard in Cardas?
I had posted on AA and here looking for an IC for my FM tuner. One of the inmates on AA recommended AE. So, I went to the website, did some research, and decided to give it a go. The price was reasonable and there is a 45 day return policy. I have tried lots of wire over the years from major manufacturers, so thought it might be cool to try some from a small shop. I was not prepared for the high level of sound and quality that the AEs produce.