Audio envy - dang!

I usually post on AG when I have an issue or concern, so I’m happy for once it’s to praise a new product, in this case Audio Envy’s IC. 

I use an ARC Classic 60 amp with a Herron 1A preamp. The AE cable went between these two.

I run an ARC Phono pre PH3se from my VPI prime as source.
My speakers are Thiel CS2.4’s

Out of the box a bit bright, But after a few hours that just went to strait up transparent - I mean freaking crystal clear. No tonal aberrations. Smooth, with no etched highs. Voices sound right, Natural. Soundstage opened up, as you might expect when things get clearer.

The best part was how inexpensive they were. They made my Cardas Clear Light interconnects I was using sound clouded by contrast. The Cardas was about x3 the cost of the AE’s.
BTW, this wasn’t “I think I hear differences”, this was “I’ll never use those Cardas in this system again, and where is my IPad, I need to order my next set!”

And that’s just what I did.

Thanks for your feedback. I should have my phono cable soon. And I agree, replacing other cables with AE should yield to much better system synergy. Atleast, that’s been my experience with AE loom. 
Ocean2059 you are making me jealous, Hopefully I get mine the latest next week,I believe thephono Cable is excellent.
I added a xlr and a power cord P3 to my system after reading through all the praise.
Interconnect between Esoteric CD player and preamp. P3 added after 3 hours to preamp. 

Compared to the Cerious Matrix the interconnects with <5 hours on them sound leaner, center image is less pronounced and feels more stretched out with less mids and a bit more bass. The center image with the Matrix in comparison is full/balanced and floats in a dark background. I can understand why people say AE sound clean/ transparent. Lets see if the cable changes with 10 more hours on it.
Power cable replaced a SR master coupler.  Not much difference to hear, will swap back and forth again after the P3 has more hours on it.


Appreciate your feedback. In regards to sound being leaner and center image is less pronounced....IME, the AE cords don’t exaggerate any frequencies in the signal. The AE cable sound is relaxed, transparent and very faithful to the original recordings. 
I would give about 30-50 hours before you make any decisions. If you don’t like what you hear after 30 hours, send them back 😊

Tom2015 are using tube preamp? My friend told me ,you will hear more improvement after 100 hrs.On my tubes mono they work great.