Audio Electronics Supply PH-1

I like a phono stage that shows the tubes.
any comments on the sound of the PH-1?
any other recommendations on a similar cosmetic design phonostage for under $800 new?
I only need 47K
I'll just say that it is not exactly a low-noise design, at night or day.
ok...Ohlala can you elaborate? Could good NOS tubes quiet it??any other recommendations out there??
Even before the recent "Listener" review, I was leaning towards giving the Wright PP100C a listen @ $750 list. As I understand it, the AES is based on the original phono stage design from the RCA "receiving manual" from who-knows-how-many-years-ago, and that's maybe the reason for the above comment. Good luck in your search.
The only tubes i have used are RCA red base. I have not made any comparisons between the ph-1 and other preamps. If i change the caps or tubes i'll let you know the results.