Audio Electronic Supply AE-3 Pre-Amp?

like to know your thought on this AE-3 tube pre-amp. is it OK for SS amp? (as I try to build my 2nd system) Thanks 4 your op.
Rute 1,

I used the AE-3 with a bridged pair of Rotel RB980 solid amps with excellent results. I was using Rotel's RC995 preamp but the AE-3 really controlled the amps much better.

If you buy the AE-3 new it does need a healthy run-in and some NOS tube upgrades will help also.
Hello Rute1 I can't really tell you anything about a ss amp with the AE-3 but I can tell you with a tube amp this pre SINGS. I had a friend of mine bring his over and now I am thinking of selling my Anthem pre2L.
I built an AE-3 pre. I have to politely disagree. It is a mediocre pre at best.

It is easily bested by the ET Foreplay or Transcendant Sound GG.

It can be modified to sound much better.