Audio Education

I am new to the audiophile world. Does anybody have any good references or sources to read up on the physics of- Amps, preamps, ohms, resistance, etc.  Technology surrounding audio equipment.
Something like audio-phonics for dummies. 

Jimmy, I think what you are looking for is one of the books written back in the 1950’s, by guys like Harry F. Olsen. A technical book, with electronic theory and principles for aspiring audio engineers. Don’t bother with an "audiophile" book---writers of them speak in subjective language, not technical.

By the way, if you’re in the San Francisco Bay area, Roger Modjeski of Music Reference is teaching a class in amplifier design. Taking that class would be a great way to both learn audio engineering and build your own tube power amp. If I still lived in my hometown of San Jose, I’d do it myself.

Hey great suggestions. I will check into those.  Unfortunately I live in Denver,. But looking at the local colleges maybe beneficial. Thanks 
The bible is here and has never been equaled IMHO: Audio Cyclopedia by Howard M. Tremaine, 1969. A little expensive (~$120) and huge at 1,700 pages, but it has EVERYTHING including audio designs and history. Also found on eBay.