Audio Eden & Lack of Response - Anyone Else?

I have tried since last weekend to get a response from the Canadian retailer, Audio Eden, who is offering a used Nait Naim UnitiServe. Calling them occasionally got a response to call back later. Their terms were onerous; quoting in Canadian dollars only, refusing to use PayPal and wanting to impose a 6 1/2% tariff to ship into the States. That one really steamed me. Since when were tariffs applied to used goods? Near the end of my frustration when I couldn't get any response to my emails I tried to call them. Apparently they are a 2 man shop. The fellow that I could get on the phone always deferred to the other guy. I tried for three days to reach him but never did. I'd beware of these people. All my other Audiogon experiences have been very positive. This is the lone exception. I'm now glad that I didn't buy from them. Had I had a problem I seriously doubt that it would have ever been resolved.
That is VERY VERY unusually for Audio Eden. They have always been very responsive and accommodating. Audio Eden is a highly respected brick and mortar retailer who succeeds and excels at customer service. I am at a loss for an explanation, but I hear your frustration.
I had good luck with them when I bought some Audience cables. I did have to pay some custom fees but so it goes.
Perhaps we should start a more focused Audiogon review system for this site. This would allow people to comment on their experiences with vendors of repair anything else audio. I would feel confident sending my precious and loved components to guys doing repairs if I saw they always accurate and quick not to mention economy considerations. . I no we have the review already but I want something more focused about interactions and eventual satisfaction or disgust. Not just a quick blurb with stars. This would hold them to their commitment, as well as accurate or clever repairs. Just a thought - Lets beef up the ratings we are currently sometimes actually using.
Its very easy to lose a lot of money selling back and forth between Canada and the US. The fact that a Canadian seller wanting to get paid in Canadian dollars doesn't seem too strange to me. Not dealing with PayPal is a smart move. I can't say any more about them without using profanity. And I know that in most cases, a tariff can be charged. I haven't done business with anyone in Canada for years, but I think the tariff is like a sales tax.
Tariff is an import/export tax, same as "duty" to cross a country's border.
You've got a point, I don't think I was charged a tariff on used items between Canada/US. It's probably because they're a business.
If you learn the custom/tariff rules you won't get burned. They are primarily set up to be fair about being applied to items only once in regardless how often it crosses the border. If an item was sourced from an American company originally and sent to Canada, it is assumed that the fee was paid then. When the same item is later sold across the border to the US, you declare that on a customs form and pay no fees. In case of Naim gear, which is produced in neither country, I don't know what the rule is because I have never had it come up. As for Paypal, Canada has its own service in that role. I don't blame them either for that. If I can't pay a Canadian brick and mortar dealer with my Visa card, I generally send a Western Union money order. My bank offers them free to good customers and for .99 for others. Most banks in the world treat these like cash and they usually process overnight.
A few years ago I was discussing this type of thing with the Classe importer. Any time one of their products has to go back to the factory in Canada for some reason, they send the component(s) to someone who works for them in upstate NY. Once the guy in NY gets it, he drives it into Canada himself. He said if he doesn't do it this way, it can be a nightmare.
I've never understood why dealing with Canada is such a challenge. I've had fast, no-issue transactions with sellers in China, Hong Kong, Eastern Europe, the UK and others but a simple Canadian deal is invariably fraught with one kind of dumb problem or another. Not to mention S-L-O-W.
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EBM, you are on a roll today! :^)
Are there turkeys in Canada?

Agree that dealing with Canada CAN be a headache. Even mail takes a long time to get there. IMO: The Canadian government has deliberately and consciously set out to make individual transactions between our two countries difficult. When larger items or UPS or FedEx are involved things can go south in a hurry. The buyer may receive a bill for taxes or duties weeks after the item has arrived.

I had a Classe amp once, when sent in for service it was sent to NY and driven across the border. Classe drove it back to NY from whence it was returned to me. Even they had to find a way around the bureaucracy although somewhat inefficient.

Having said that, I deal frequently with Canadian companies such as PartsConneXion and have sent small items to Canada by USPS with no problems. So some transactions can hassle free.
Only buy and sell in USA only.
Another familiar story. FWIW, try to buy locally. Buying from Canada, no thanks; Europe, never; Asia, no way in h**l! Also, if they want to meet at a McDonald's...danger sign. Anyone who is serious about selling equipment will let you audition it. If I see something here on Audiogon and it's local, my interest is doubled. I have never had a problem here on Audiogon, and buying locally means I'll never have to post an article here about how I got scammed. Just my two cents.
Rja, "When larger items or UPS or FedEx are involved things can go south in a hurry."

No, that's exactly the problem. They NEVER go south (or north) in a hurry. Instead, they get hung up in Customs for weeks and/or months.
It's not just Canada. I have been buying a lot of stuff this year for my system and have trouble with Paypal and so I only get to buy things if the seller can take a credit card any other way but PP or if I can send a Western Union money order. My bank offers them to without fee. I also send them by USPS Priority 2-day Mail. One check to nearby Flint, Mi. took 13 business days. Two more to each of the coasts took more than 6. Flint is only 150 miles, as the crow flies.
Audioeden is an excellent retailer. I've bought numerous items from them and they have always taken excellent care of me. They are honourable gentlemen and will make sure you are happy.
We Canadians over here have the same problem in dealing with the United States. I do think both countries are at fault by trying to maximize tax revenues in other words greedy governments. And someone mentioned that All you have to do you know the rules. In my experience that is totally incorrect I had items coming by FedEx that were mine and marked as going for repair but they stilled charged duty. When I pointed it out they just say that I can appeal the process. Obviously no one does that for 20or 30 bucks. One of my rules now is never use FedEx or UPS always use regular mail. This way you at least will be treated fairly regarding the duties.
Agreed with Brf, very strange. I have been talking to Audio
Eden for a couple of days by email about an equipment
purchase and always receive fast responses.

As for cross border purchasing. I learned the hard way
never ship by UPS due to their huge brokerage fee's. Being
in Canada and purchasing from the States I always use USPS.

If you purchase in Canada from the States always use
Canada Post.As far as purchasing in Canadian dollars, since
the USA dollar is so much higher than ours now, you guys
save a fortune. It's a win win for you, can't understand
your complaint.