Audio Doctor goes to Axpona observations so far

For the first time went to Axpona, one heck of a show more audio then we have ever seen, the old New York audio shows were like this.

Anyway walked most of the show and most of the systems heard were just bad, common problems no room tuning, rooms that were too big for the gear or too small.  Even some of the really expensive stuff was dissapointing.

There were a few room that were good.

So far winners for us that were very good not in any particular order:

1: Big Horns from Germany forgot the name really famous one,
2: Muiraudio $15k electrostatic hybrid 
3: Alta Audio cheapie $5k speakers sounded great
4: Vimburg
5: Paradigm Persona 3F

(not a great setup,  but the sound comming out of them for a $10k speaker was very impressive. excellent, midrange soundstage was impressive  image floated nicely, even though the speakers were way too close together and the bass response was excellent.  Would have been way better with a few substitions.

6: T+A $75k floorstanders were impressive for such a small size reference speaker, don't know if they are worth that kind of money, the electrostatic tweeter coupled to a line array with buillt in subs was very musical in a way too small room. Would have liked them to be taller

Decent but not up to the hype the new PS audio speakers bass was very good for a $12-15k set of speakers filled up a big room ugly, and not the ultimate wow that PS was billing them as.

The Scaena line array  when we had them setup in our show and at some of the older New York Audio Shows were mind blowing this setup didn't gel which was sad.

Today to hear the Gryphon room, Golden Ear and a few others.

Scott Markwall gave a great demo of the Furutech NCF products which are really cool.

Innous gave a great demo of the Statement vs the Zenith, and wow what a difference in soundstaging and clarity.  

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Paradigm, T+A, Persona dealers.


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The Salks were the 9's model at $10k I believe. They have one at $5k
with the same mid and uppers just less bass. Value there I think. Loved the Salk sound too.

Heard the Sasha/D'Agostinos and enjoyed that room. Costs aside.

Agreed the PS was BS. They should make a deal with their neighbor Roger Sanders if they wish to make speakers. He nails it.

Loved the Irish guy at Innous. Product is a winner too!

Vandys won the Best Photo Opportunity with the huge Crimson speakers and splashy Blue backdrop. That did make the sound better sadly.

With you AD on the Vimbergs. Lovely. Damn I missed the Electrostatics
from Muir. Not listed in the book!!!

The AN room had a live cellist and that was a classy touch I loved!

Paradigms were good too. Probably because they employed an Anthem
room conditioner. Did not start with it but at least these folks knew they
needed one. (As did ALL the smaller rooms)

A fun show all in all. Even if I had hoped to be home in Phoenix by now.
Thanks weather!

To me the best sound was found in 3 rooms: Sanders, Magnepan
and the Martin Logan Renaissance. I missed the Muraudio room darn'it.

These shows make it difficult to appreciate most brands. The Harbeth
rooms were the perfect example. Two equal sized rooms. One with the 40.2s at $17k, The other with 30.2s at $5k? The 30.2 room sounded much better. 

Those $300k Von Schweikerts were pretty amazing in my book.

New stuff I liked the sound of: Borresson and Lafter. Both ridiculously
priced but per a veteran of the business, this is the way they get attention.
Who cares about a new $5k speaker when you can hear a $40k model?
Some logic there but...

The show had an upbeat vibe. More smiles and less "deals".
Pwhin: No real surprise re the Sanders advantage.
-Roger designed Mls for years
-Roger make a transmission line bass (which I am a sucker for)
-Roger has room correction +++
-Roger has class a/b power up they ying yang. 2,000 wpc a side. No clipping there
-Roger makes one speaker. ML has a dozen.
Make sense?
Sanders is my next purchase.
I heard the Maggy 3.7s-Excellent- but missed the little guys darn it.
They are getting raves everywhere though.