Audio discounts during Coronavirus

Wondering if there are any great sales going on as a result of the coronavirus. If so can anyone elaborate as to who is offering any discounts? 

You quoted me, and I detect the sarcasm; that's fine.  Sometimes when a dealer gives you a really great deal, you are doing them a favor by not thereafter blabbing about it, if you know what I mean...  That's why I said what I said, which was as much as I was comfortable saying.
Just scored a great deal on a Gold Note amp. Now just have to wait for delivery. 
My beloved Oppo BD 105 is staring to act up
and time to buy a replacement,  but have no idea
what to get that has all the features the BD 105 has. I'm thinking it's a great time to buy as it will hopefully help the vendor through these difficult times. I'm occasionally buying meals from our local club house, not because I don't like cooking, but rather help them stay in business 
I tend to agree with 3 easy payments about buying from dealers to help them out. In my part of the country, I try to practice buying local.
It seems to me it's fair if a local dealer has a sale and discounts for the purpose of staying open but than haggle with them is akin to a vulture!