Audio Desk vinyl cleaner disassembly

After my vinyl cleaner passed the 2-year mark, the water pump failed.  It was sent to Germany for repair and it costs a lot.  When it came back, one of the blower fans was not working, which means Audio Desk did not do a good job checking everything before shipping it back.

I will not send it back to Germany for repair and would like to try self repair.  But trying to disassemble the vinyl cleaner is a real challenge.  I remove the bottom rubber legs but cannot find any fasteners.  The front, back, and top covers are glued together, I think using PVC glue.

If anyone here have experience with the vinyl cleaner disassembly and/or self repair, please can share the methods which worked.  Thank you.
Would the logic board and/or access to the interior be located behind the control panel? I haven't checked that myself but it seems like a possibility. Check with the importer---UltraSystem--- for a remedy that may exist beyond the warranty period. 
I live in Malaysia.  The local importer has a spare blower fan and Tangit PVC-U glue which were given to me.  He himself is not a repair man.  Audio Desk never responded to the importer's email about this issue.

I removed the fan wires from the control panel and connected the fan wires directly to the 24V DC power supply.  Only the rear fan spins and the front fan is completely dead.

I have tried removing the 3 screws from the control board and removing the board, but there are no other screws. Very weird design.
My control board has 4 screws, one in each corner of the panel-- but I assume we may have slightly different models. I hear that Reiner is not good at responding to problem calls. This is unfortunate for such a costly system. Fortunately, I have found UltraSystems, the US importer, to be very responsive.
Hi everyone, I hope those who have successfully opened the Audio Desk vinyl cleaner (for service or repair) are kind enough to share the method how to open it.  Thank you so much.