Audio Desk ultrasonic vinyl cleaner machine

Who has an AudioDesk Glass vinyl cleaning machine and is it reliable and are you more than happy with results?

Tired of still hearing some clicks and pops plus labor of Okki Nokki.


I have had mine for a couple years and am very happy with it. Although it

isn’t a miracle worker, if the record has certain types of clicks or ticks, you 

don’t erase them. Certain “ticks” etc are there and stay there. But it does

a great job of cleaning. The majority of your LP’s will sound better, and you

will find more information in those grooves than you realize. 

A friend had one and tank leaked couldn't get it fixed. I bought a Kirmuss worked well BUT a PITA to use so sold it after 1 month. 

@daveyf Looks like an excellent value but…it’s sold out…. and i can see why at under $400.. 

Please do let us know how long term reliability works out. Were you part of tge Kickstarter ? 



I believe the 'Kickstarter' campaign is sold out. I ordered mine off their web site after the Kickstarter and it was delivered in just a few weeks. As to long term reliability, that is a question, but I don't see why it would be any worse than the other US machines on the market. I demo'ed a Kirmuss before the 'Guru' and was much less impressed, not because the Kirmuss couldn't do an ok job of cleaning, but because records could be damaged in the cleaning slots(s). The 'Guru' has no such issue! 

Looks like the ’Guru’ is sold out. This is a little odd as I think the company behind it is fairly large. Perhaps, it is temporarily sold out; I hope that is the case!

I’ve had an Audiodesk ProX for a few years. It’s simple to use, the rotating microfiber barrels set it apart from the other OS machines. I’ve cleaned about 2000 LPs and no issues. I agree with comments by @theo. It’s more effective at removing surface noise than the VPI HW16.5 it replaced and it doesn’t generate static. I’ve read others have had tank leakage, I keep mine drained if it won’t be used for a while as Audiodesk recommends. So far, so good.

Bslon, ironically I replaced a 16.5 with mine as well, although it was a work horse. 

I also installed a ball valve drain on mine too, since I don’t clean all the time, I

wanted to reduce evaporation which might change the solution mix, should the

ingredients have different properties and rate of evap. 

I have an Audio Desk, the model before the version PRO. 
My records are fully cleaned, but it did not miracles.

The Audio Desk best point is the ease of use: you can clean and dry a record in a few minutes, it comes cleaned and perfectly dry just before to place it on turntable.


I have been using a Audio Desk Pro for the last 2 years. Does a good job. Does not perform miracles. I haven’t had any problems with the unit.

I also use a VPI 16.5 RCM and a US V8. The V8 has a heater which I find helpful with stubborn records.

if I were to buy a new US Cleaner, the Degritter would be at the top of my list, do to it having a heater.