Audio Desk Record Cleaner

Does anyone have info or experience with their new Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaning System. I believe it retails for $3500. Don
I have VPI 17F & Lorricraft PRC4. A real pain to use. Purchased a Audio desk RCM after reading so much raved about the ease of use. it has its disadvantages . 1 of it is that on thin LP, some fluid will be left on the LP due to the non adjustable gap of the plastic slits that u put the LP thru. Hence you will need to air dry thin LPs. However the convenience of use far outweigh such minor issue. Unfortunately after cleaning prob about 120-150 LPs, my RCM developed a problem. It's not able to pump fluid into the reservoir to soak the LP. Looks like Audio Desk has not solve its reliability problem. There were a couple of audio desk purchasers and the 2 in usage , both developed problem. Still waiting for dealer to get back to me to solve the problem which looks like a motor failure to me.
+1 for the KLAUDIO KD-CLN-LP200 Record Cleaning Machine

Too many issues with the Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner made in Germany
I too chose the Klaudio machine (no problems heard of from other owners, and nothing more to buy) and am thrilled with the results. I use RO water from my kitchen sink, no additional cost. Dump and refill whenever I think it's time-usually about 50 records. Being located in an adjacent room, I can listen to music while the next LP is being cleaned, a fabulous advantage! And, NO static electricity, major!
I second Wntrmute. DIY for less money.

I spent half the potential savings on an industrial grade 80 KHz machine, which puts more energy into tiny crevasses (like record grooves). The improvement over the 16.5 is huge - one Archiv record went from unlistenably noisy to averagely quiet.

Can't bear to think of what those (relatively) filthy records were doing to my expensive styli before - but never again.
sounds great...DIY.. drip drying records not my idea of a complete solution.