Audio desk pro vs. Clear audio double matrix

Hi all
I'm into upgrading my RCM from the good old okki nokki. My short list is the Audio desk pro and the Clear audio duble matrix. Did anyone compare the two or can comment on any of them ?
Thanks in advance.
Since the original question is on the Clearaudio vs the Audiodesk/KL Audio, I  have owned both the Clearaudio and KL Audio for over a year and can share some experience:

The latest Sonic version of the Clearaudio Double Matrix is now fully automated and you can walk away while cleaning, just as for the KL Audio. The Double Matrix is quicker: about 2-3min vs. the 4min+3min cleaning and drying cycle on the KL Audio. 

The brush velvet on the Double Matrix requires replacement after about 150-200 LPs  (depending on how bad the LPs are) so running costs are bit higher than the KL Audio. However, I feel that with used LPs the Clearaudio with Audio Intelligent #6 does a slightly better job at cleaning used records.

If I would own one machine only it would be the Clearaudio. Both, the Clearaudio and KL audio are excellent and make cleaning records a breeze. I owned the VPI and Loricraft before and I would just wait playing newly bought records until I have a large batch or just run out of time altogether and just not get to cleaning records). The ease and time saving alone are well-worth it for me. I would rather listen to the music instead...

I'm not sure how relevant it is now since the original post was back in August, nevertheless, I offer the following:
I agree with " restock ". For years I had the VPI 17 which was a fine machine ,however back in the fall of 2015 I started to read up on the ultrasonic machines. Although they received rave reviews I had concerns about what they may do to the albums over time. Therefore, I purchased the Clearaudio Double Matrix Professional Sonic. It does a great job cleaning, has multiple modes should you desire, although I have not had the need to use them as the auto mode does the trick. Moreover, its built like a tank.
I contemplated buying a KLaudio machine but ended up doing something else. I now use a iSonic ultrasonic tank that will spin 3 LPs at once for 10mins and then rinse off with distilled water using a Clearaudio professional Double Matrix Sonic. The results are more favourable than just air drying because air drying leaves micro deposits on the record grooves and surfaces.