Audio Desk Pro Cleaner

I had one of the original cleaners which I was able to sell and then purchased the newer pro version.  I was curious if anyone else has one of these and has had similar experiences:

  They seem to have corrected the drying issue - all the records are completely dry now after the drying cycle.
  The pro unit seems to have issues with some records and being able to keep them spinning during the cleaning cycle - have yet to figure this one out.
   They have replaced the drain plug with a larger, what looks like a garden hose type of fitting, however I noticed that this was leaking, so I added a rubber washer to the cap and that has solved that issue.  One would think they would have done this at the factory.



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My original purchase of the Audiodesk leaked in the first 24hr that I had it. The factory replaced it with a Pro Model within a week. It had the larger drain cap which leaked at first ; Had to really screw it tight the first time, but is alright now and I am at my fourth (4) water change.
 I agree that a counter is a good thing. I bought one on the net at Engineers Supply. High quality mechanical counter for about $20.
I use my VPI for grungy recordings or final rinse w/ RO water (use different tubes)