Audio Desk & it's service

DETAILS: Bought the Audio Desk RCM despite having 2 other RCM , namely , Loricraft PRC4 & VPI 17f. It's so convenient that I cleaned every single I bought unlike previously. Unfortunately not very reliable . Within 1 month , it's spoiled & I need to send it back to Germany for repair . Took a long while to get it back , something like 2months. Recently after cleaning 3 LPs, I smelled smoke coming out for the machine & promptly informed my dealer about it who suggested I write in to Audio desk . After repeated attempts over 2 months + , all I get is silence . Meanwhile my dealer has been trying to get in touch with audio desk & received the same treatment . Was wondering what happen & I decided to test the availability of Reiner , the owner of Audio desk by requesting to purchase 10 units of Audio desk . Guess what ? I received immediate response within 24 hours . Talking about lack of service !!! Anybody has problem getting their RCM service ? Pls advise . Somebody in Germany told me to take it to the tallest floor in my office & take aim & throw it into a dustbin!!!
...told me to take it to the tallest floor in my office & take aim & throw it into a dustbin!!!

Don't do it now

Tomorrow is also a good day for it.
I don't know who the importer/distributor is for you in Malasia, but the US importer is great with responding to emails and handling the occasional problem with the RCM. I suggest that you contact them via email at [email protected] and I am sure they will intervene on your behalf. Good Luck - it really is the best RCM, it sounds like you just have had awful dealer service.
Your dealer should have taken a more proactive role! I would not deal with that dealer in the future.
Reiner don't even bother to response to the repeated dealer's email not that he didn't try.
Twice he responded to my questions about purchasing 10 unit of AD & whether he thinks service is important for such purchase but when I attached an email detailing my product with my current RCM , he stopped responding.
Thomas, yes , thinking of throwing it from the top floor of my office but it may kill somebody

It's a nice present for an Audiophile you don't like
Purchased mine from TheCableCo. Excellent service.
Syntax, should I just give up & let such person operate & con people of their hard earn money ? Not yet . Let's see whether his reputation is worth something or nothing , or is he honorable enough to be a man of substance ?
So far responded to 2 email on RCM purchase but no response to more than a dozen email including those for his dealer
I'm sorry to hear of your experience with this RCM Audioblazer. I bought my Audio Deske from Cable Co. and it's been working ok. I get concerned about reliability and future dealer/manufacturer support when I read stories like this, especially on such a pricy and highly touted piece of equipment. It's upsetting to hear that Reiner Glass has been avoiding your emails. Maybe he's having financial problems. The right thing to do would be to respond to you immediately and make every effort to either repair or exchange your unit for a new one.
KL Audio Is a much better machine.
Well, I'll have to say I've been loving mine for a couple years now. I have wondered where to get service when it runs into problems. I bought mine from Steve Dobbins who I believe is no longer selling them. I guess one of the U.S. Distributors would be the one to call. I hope it keeps working and can be serviced. It honestly has been the most lifestyle changing purchase I've made in audio. It's difficult to estimate how much time it's saved me and (knock on wood) it's been about perfectly reliable so far.
the Audio Desk is a great ultrasonic cleaner

I second KL Audio as a better machine

more rugged design
no cleaner or brushes to replace
variable cleaning and drying time
incredibly reliable

I've had mine for 1 1/2 years
no issues, great sonics
No doubt great but the failure rate is so high . Within 3 months , out of about 7 units , was told 5 units failed. As good as it is , it's totally unreliable . When I was in MOC 2015 , I was wondering why would people bother to even consider Audio desk which is so unrealiable & probably has the most unreliable & irresponsible manufacturer I know of . I was thinking , don't these people read ? Well I suppose some people probably are ignorant like me who bought the RCM despite reading bad feedbacks on the reliability of the unit
Junk, I couldn't find a seller for that one using a google search. Any idea?
Looks like Audio Desk makes it for them with their own name on it.

Sorry to hear about the trouble you've experienced and the lack of support, and thank you for sharing with fellow audiophiles.

Based on your report, this is a manufacturer I'll be avoiding unless and until they provide the support that customers at this price level deserve.
Has anyone tried the Amari RCM?
Their best unit

Judging by the video it has modulating sweep tone (?)
Thanks looks interesting but I don't care for the drying suction tube.
Here is my experience: As most would find, the two lp "wipers" go out of shape over time and don't perform the function as they did when new. I contacted my dealer, Elusive Disc, in turn, they contacted Ultra Systems. After my posting pictures as requested by ED to US, I was sent two, brand new wipers. GREAT! All I could have hoed for.
I've cleaned about 400 records, it's a wonderful machine, easy and effective. I had a VPI 16.5, used steam and all that, I have re-cleaned
everything, will never go back. I dare say, new records are also helped by the US cleaner. Bought it through Ultra Systems, Robert is super helpful, and very interested in making the experience positive.

Just goggle . Buy from eBay Skymen Ultrasonic 10 litres from China & Vinyl stack from USA to spin & bath the records .
I purchased a 9 month old demo. Died after cleaning 25 records. I have a great dealer who ordered me a new one on his dime. order the KL machine
I had a number of different RCM started with VPI 17.5, Loricraft, Keith monk, Audio Desk, Amari RW-600 (Chinese copy of the Audio Desk). The most reliable RCM on the list the VPI 17.5, Loricraft, Keith Monk.Of these I place the Loricraft and Keith Monk as the cleanest in doing it's job.
As for the Audio Desk is the most unreliable machine on the planet I have had to send it back 6 times to the manufacture and every time he sends me a new machine, till the point it was costing me for shipment, that I sold it off, hear good things about it as reliable but most of these people are to proud to admit that their RCM have been giving problems either the earlier models serial number or the latest so call up grade had lots of problem. Same goes for the Amari RW-600 which I had 2 problems in a span of 6mths. That I ask for a replacement Amari RW-800 as a simple ultra sonic machine.
Oh! and one point I like to make is the Audio Desk and Amari RW-600 are not true Ultra sonic machine I have not found a transducer in any of the models. No ultra Sonic amplifiers, as compared to the KL Audio and the RW-800. I have ordered the KL Audio will be in next week. So will see how reliable their machines are.