Audio design engineer in Chicago

I'm looking for an audio design engineer in Chicago area who can help me to hook up my system ... Any recommendations?
Contact someone at the Chicagp Audio Society. They should be able to refer someone first rate. Go to ---
Another good place you might want to try is Van L Audio on N. Western. John Van L is a speaker designer who runs his own audio store, which also sells many other speakers and a full range of components. A nice friendly, honest place to shop where they typically allow you a 30 day no risk home trial on most items. At any rate, it's worth a stop in, and I would be surprised if they couldn't help you. Also, his line of speakers (Van L) has a cult like following, especially in Chicago.
John at Van L Speakerworks ( sometimes referred to as Chicago Speakerworks ) is the perfect example of a down to earth audio dealer. He's probably the nicest dealer out of all that i've ever dealt with. If he can't point you in the right direction, try contact Brian at the Chicago Audiophile society as was previously pointed out. Sean
John Van L. is a nice guy...very laid back and low pressure. I also recommend Euclid Sellountos at Synthesis A/V on Wells St., between Hubbard and Kinzie. He's also very nice and laid back...very European. He also specializes in hi-fi and HT set-ups for people's homes...from existing to new construction. I haven't been in his shop for quite awhile, but he used to stock NAD / Mission / Denon / Revox / Duntech and a few more lines...I forget.
Jim Brown at Audio Systems Group: