Audio Design Associates PF2501 and MAG 3.6Rs

does this amp overpower the mag's because i'm losing tweeter ribbons with correct fusing per magnepan can any help with this combination?

Thanks Ted

Are you saying that you are losing ribbons and never blowing fuses? No way unless something is really screwed-up or the 3.6R is being driven by entry-level front end components.

First of all, your present amp sounds like it is way under-powered, and is clipping, and that is why you are losing ribbons and burning fuses. In 15 years of Metallica to Tool to RATM on Maggie ribbons I have never lost a single one. The only time I have ever blown a ribbon fuse to the Maggie ribbon fuse is when the amplifier clips, and I have blown more fuses than I would like to admit.

There is no such thing as too much amp for a Maggie 3 series speaker for any sane head-banger. I actually like Magnepan over dynamic/cone speakers because the bass and mid panels are not so easily damaged from clipped signals, especially when using entry-level gear.

Secondly, I suggest getting a Bryston amp(s) if you have no self-control(no offense dude).....they have indicators on the front that indicate when the amp is clipping which are very important if you go louder than you should. That way you will know when to back off. If you back off when the amp hits the ceiling you will rarely burn a fuse, and never ever again lose a ribbon.

Third, there are very few amps that can handle the dynamic peaks a better than average CDP like the GamuT CD-1 provides without clipping the signal at even moderate volumes. 500 high quality watts per channel is not even close to being enough.

If the PF2501 has adequate power and clipping indicators, and if you can show some restraint, then consider your tweet problem solved. Other than the Bryston, the Innersound and Spectron are highly regarded for the Maggie 3.6.

Well put Rathbone.... Mag's like as many watts as you can through at them, and the only time I had problems was with low powered or amps without any 4ohm guts (B&K) and those blew fuses but never tweeters.

Time to upgrade the amp... The amp suggestions are right on target for your listening requirements it sounds like.

I have a Gamut CD1 and running my 5 channel EAD with just two channels give 1000watts into 8ohm RMS and 2000 watts into 4ohms RMS... life is good. it's hard to consider less watts unless the amp really generates some current (heard a pair of LAMM M2.1's 200watt a channel control my speakers even bettern than my EAD!)