Audio Demo Equipment on You Tube

Everyone probably already knows this but I just discovered many audio manufacturers demo their equipment on You Tube.  For example, go to You Tube and type in, for example, Jeff Rowland. Please see:

Or, Bricast at:

Or, AYRE Acoustics at:

You should be able to find the company you are looking for.  If not, change the name and try again.  


So I can listen to their gear through my crappy computer speakers and decide if I want to buy it????
No, absolutely not.  Please do not buy any audio equipment after seeing it on your computer. 

The purpose of the video is introduce you to their company, their equipment and to actually see the equipment.  The video, hopefully, provides some useful “background information” for you to decide if you want to do additionally search on the company or maybe audition the equipment.

I suggest you NOT purchase any audio equipment after seeing and hearing it on your computer but to only decide if you to audition the equipment in a retail store or your home.   In fact, after seeing the equipment on your computer, you might decide to do additional research before any audition. 

In other words, I always suggest you audition any equipment before you making a purchase.  
I love listening to kit on YouTube. Not so much to review or audition but to get the jist of the rig. If you have a relatively decent amp/speaker set-up on your PC, you can get an idea if how things sound. Yes, there are many constraints and limitations but your ears/brain can interpolate.