Audio Dealers to visit in Memphis, TN?

I'll be in Memphis the last half of next week. I'm looking for some recommended high-end dealers to visit while I'm there.

EgglestonWorks HQ would be the first place I'd visit in Memphis.
Underground Sound on Germantown Rd @ Trinity. (In Cordova, a suburb)
Boa2: EgglestonWorks is a manufacturer.
Good LUck!
Boa2: EgglestonWorks is a manufacturer.
No shit?
Underground Sound is about it and they have become more HT than anything. Classe, Magnepan and B&W are their top brands. Ask for Paul, good guy. If you have lots of time to kill you can check out Modern Music on Brookhaven Circle but you probably won't be impressed for 2 channel with either. Here's their links:
Underground Sound, like so many others, is a mere shadow of it's former self. At their old, downtown location they had numerous listening rooms with great systems. They are now in a strip mall in the burbs and the last time I was there they had a single higher end (I hesitate to call it high end) room with a dozen or more speakers crammed in. The rest of the store was devoted to mid-fi and home theater.

I guess it is the reality of today's market.
Thank you all very much!

Louisville, Ky has dried up too. Indianapolis, In at least, still has one true high end dealer, the Tone Studio.

What's the world, or at least the stereophile world, coming to?
Krell man said: "I'm looking for some recommended high-end dealers to visit while I'm there."

d-e-a-l-e-r-s was the key word here.
Any junior high school English teacher would award you a gold star for your grammatical detective work. In fact, I know a certain Ms. White would have been proud. On the other hand, given that these threads are replete with genuine attempts to enhance the audio experience of another, I thought I'd chip in with one such suggestion, just in case Krell_man might have regretted missing an audio opportunity during his visit to Memphis. Next time, send up a flare if you would, and I'll be sure to color my response inside the lines.
Myraj and Boa2, you are both invited to Chez Tvad for some juicy summer peaches served with a big scoop of creamy Kumbaya.

Besides, everyone knows the most important place to visit in Memphis is Corky's Bar-B-Que.
I was thinking of sending Krell_man on a tour of John Grisham sex and murder locales, but perhaps I'll stop by Chez Tvad's for a Kumbaya smoothie instead.
Send those peaches and I'll get'cha sum Corky's! :-)