Audio Dealers in Greater Portland OR Area

Any recommendations on audio dealers the greater Portland OR area who stock a wide selection of separates & have knowledgeable service? Or at least a good selection anyway. Thank you.
give Echo Audio a try. Kurt is very knowledgeable and honest, also a nice guy.
The Audio Gallery; I think is the name. Gary and his wife Cindy run it and are very knowledgeable and have good lines.
i agree with skamok. the others i would recommend are: pearl audio video (very good people and nice sounds), the audio gallery in lake oswego (gary and cindy owners, nice people), and stereotypes.
Fred's Sound of Music on Hawthorne St.
Stereotypes (503.280.0910) new store by Terri Inman is nicest in the area with great lines. Echo Hifi (888.248.echo) is also great, just a very different market. Done business with both for years.
Echo is really great. A lot of quality used and some new. One of the few you can audition the Modwrights. Kurt is outstanding, one of the best.
Audio Gallery as mentioned also one of the best.
Personally, Freds Sound of Music the absolute worst experience I've ever had. If you don't look like you have lots of money, prepare to be ignored or receive curt, condescending responces. I've been in there several times and always the same. They have no idea how much sales they've lost.
i agree with jamnperry about fred's sound of music. fred's is the only place to buy new totem speakers, so i go out of town to buy mine if i don't buy from audiogon.
Thanks, everyone, for the leads. Here in central Oregon my options are limited. As a newbie having compiled a list of separates & speakers that I would like to audition, I am willing to travel over the Cascades.
My experience with Fred's has been the same as Jamnperry's and Rbstehno's. Maybe someone should forward this thread to Fred.
If your travels take you to Eugene. Stop in at Bradfords downtown. Great people and willing to take the time to demo products.
Ditto Bradford's right here in little ole downtown EUGENE.

Ask for Tim or Jeff, great guys. They have Vandersteen, Magnepan, Musical Fidelity, Rotel, Rogue, Paradigm, Music Hall, Audioquest and others.
Unfortunately, I feel the same way about Fred's. The only guy who is even a little friendly is one of the technicians. Every salesman I've dealt with has that smug, superior attitude that most audiophiles I know can't stand. I think that attitude is designed to appeal to people who are just stepping into the world of hifi and and need to feel as if they're joining some kind of elite club. I've gone in there about five or six times, each time hoping that I had just been overly critical, and each time I've left feeling the same way.
I like Pearl Audio Video. They have really good stuff. The guys there really know there stuff too. Ditto on Fred's.
Marigo Audio 503-284-1163 is a Cary,Dali,Oyaide dealer
4628 se 74th ave 97206
I have not yet been to his house but spoke with Ron, seemed nice and knowledgable

Thought it was just me with the bad freds experience. yep one nice tech tho,
spent 12$ there a few years ago and the support after the sale was terrible.
Also went down there again to give them another shot, more of the same s!@#$#@t talkin snobbery.
But that's what lead me here, replacing may paradigms with Dali 800,400s purchased here, and on ebay.
prefer online shopping, not a big fan of the homey vendor settings (invited for diner to a moonies house once in college) besides saved lots of money online
I second the Audio Gallery, Gary is very knowledgable and a real treat to deal with as well.
I just want to put a plug in for Echo Audio in downtown Portland. Kurt is a friendly, knowledgeable guy who has gone out of his way on several occasions to help me out. The store sells mostly pre-owned gear, but he does carry some new lines. The website is frequently updated, which makes keeping your eye out for new arrivals very easy and convenient. Best of all, nobody in there is a snob. They are there to help you, not to assess your wallet!
i visited the pearl audio/video store tonight to see there new space. nice setup. the macintosh setup sounded very nice, the linn's we also very nice. friendly people, nice gear, laid back atmosphere. maybe the personnel at freds should learn how to deal with customers from john and company at the pearl.
I visited several establishments over the past several months to audition speakers. Each provided friendly, low-key, professional, and helpful service: Stereotypes (Brett) for ProAc; Marigo Audio (Ron) for Intuitive Design; Pearl Audio (Devin) for Dynaudio; Chelsea Audio in Beaverton (Mike) for Gallo; and Echo Hi-Fi (Kurt) for Harbeth (used). I think you can deal with any of them with confidence.

Jim Crane
I also second Jimcrane's recommendation for Marigo Audio (Ron Hedrich). His cabling and vibration control devices are second to none, and he's a dealer for many high end companies.
Stereotypes is a terrible experience and I never recommend anyone to go there.

The Audio Gallery was a wonderful shop but Gary passed away this year and it is sadly now closed.

Echo Audio is just okay (I'm not a big used gear buyer so maybe that's it.)

Not impressed by Pearl Audio.

Fred's Music was/is not an option.